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File: 1452038422658-0.gif (46.96 KB, 500x824, 125:206, 15ab83c52dbbf056667ab2e02a….gif)

File: 1452038422658-1.png (178.27 KB, 1510x1070, 151:107, d7347a113d7ccba096c4bd656e….png)

File: 1452038422658-2.jpg (373.5 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 7a684480f9a7ae5e23bed3df88….jpg)

File: 1452038422658-3.jpg (448.71 KB, 1110x1480, 3:4, ab6c06d348c04171571bbb0996….jpg)

File: 1452038422658-4.jpg (1.35 MB, 1640x1160, 41:29, f0597a5d625ffa8723f51dd74b….jpg)


Let's talk about subject, share artists, works and stuff.

I'll start with my absolute favorite pixiv artists, super normal ( 佐藤おどり ).

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File: 1491311988392.jpg (49.1 KB, 633x467, 633:467, yachiyo.JPG)

>art thread

>pictures don't load


File: 1491313255242.png (278.18 KB, 363x518, 363:518, whylive.png)



Does nobody check the dates to these ancient threads they're resurrecting?


File: 1491314483580.jpg (265.24 KB, 991x1280, 991:1280, 2ho_alice_1.jpg)


It's not like resurrecting these threads will cause any harm. They will all disappear eventually, and they are rather short, so why wouldn't we use them for more discussion?



I'll use YOU for more discussion, you saucy tart.


File: 1491320607957.jpg (188.21 KB, 870x1280, 87:128, 2ho_alice_2.jpg)


I'm not sure if I follow you, but that sounds rude.

File: 1491277279698.jpg (195.55 KB, 869x1237, 869:1237, 10_90344.jpg)


When will Codemonkey get his shit together?


File: 1491315195840.jpg (41.03 KB, 643x610, 643:610, 1366692012873.jpg)

When he plugs those holes in his scripts.


Well, /a/ is back in time, but it's still not back in business. It looks like they rolled back 2 months.



I don't think /a/ is finished recovering yet.

File: 1491121661851.png (246.11 KB, 640x958, 320:479, 543.png)


Even in the bunker, there can be no escape

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File: 1491281060650.png (212.91 KB, 640x958, 320:479, what-are-we-gonna-do-on-th….png)

Jun doesn't seem too amused with Misuzu's antics either and possibly confirms that Tomo has a dick.



I'd drive mi suzuki so hard.



>you and that mochi

Huh. Might be that neither of them seemed to recognize the danger of the situation. In Jun's case, he doesn't see how it could be dangerous to Tomo because she has a dick



I'd actually rather read some side story about a younger Misuzu acting chuuni as fuck.



Tomo confirmed for futa.

File: 1491276301812.gif (281.74 KB, 351x281, 351:281, frame-arms-peace.gif)


Tiny battle girls wearing shimapan.

Hotglue at your own risk.

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How long would /a/ be able to delay their hotglue session before caving?


I'm not a huge fan of the constant panty shots. When a girls panties are on constant display the sight loses all special significance.

Gourai and Stylet need longer skirts.



I'd wait until they were willing. Otherwise it would be rude.


File: 1491309379007.jpg (441.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms ….jpg)

Would you protect this smile?


File: 1491309920199.png (159.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, arnval gets her shink slap….png)


>longer skirts

>from fumikane

Nice joke.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Directed By Hideo Kojima.



Holy shit there are so many fucking exploitable Taim images in this.


File: 1491279497854-0.jpg (97.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, loli taim.jpg)

File: 1491279497854-1.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, loli train.jpg)

>you'll never ride the Happy Party Taim with loli Aquors


File: 1491279528192.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1438, 1280:719, sunshine train.jpg)


File: 1491304418215.jpg (50.45 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 6209746e76950e64f163a6bdf5….jpg)

>"ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! - Aqours - …" This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Lantis Company, Limited.


File: 1491309091814.jpg (21.23 KB, 720x405, 16:9, when a nigga says he prefe….jpg)

im@s was here.

Love Live is a LOSER.

File: 1491218859423-0.png (585.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, meinbedo.png)

File: 1491218859423-1.jpg (160.57 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, FUCK.jpg)


This is the Overlord thread, discuss season 2, papa bones mystery murder and how will volume 12 turn out.



>season 2

That's not happening though, is it?


S2 is out?



Yes, it was confirmed some weeks ago.


File: 1491307569503.png (582.96 KB, 732x720, 61:60, tiltbedo.png)

File: 1469853078581.gif (1.14 MB, 231x161, 33:23, scared.gif)


What the hell happened?

I was afraid that this place wouldn't come back.

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why not just sort by creation date? you can set creation date to the unix timestamp for files named after that


File: 1491290854240.jpg (31.85 KB, 241x519, 241:519, clip (2016-05-04 at 09.23.….jpg)


anon, why are you responding to a 7 month old thread?



sorry, didn't check the date



Are you a necrophiliac?


File: 1491296701701.jpeg (310.43 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3245364567.jpeg)


If anything, 7 months is a bit young.

File: 1491061739951.jpg (207.91 KB, 1356x988, 339:247, 1491051540922.jpg)


Kemono Friends thread. Post friends, discuss friends.

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File: 1491262653411.webm (6.22 MB, 500x706, 250:353, Kaban.webm)


I love the way she speaks.


Still haven't figured out this song either.


File: 1491262738791.gif (799.17 KB, 636x1004, 159:251, 149125496470.gif)


File: 1491289488592.jpg (371.51 KB, 1280x1787, 1280:1787, 0001.jpg)


File: 1491291067824-0.jpg (433.24 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C8UACZ-UwAADDCy.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1491291067824-1.png (862.79 KB, 650x864, 325:432, C7_ofNTV4AEWk62.png large.png)

File: 1491291067824-2.jpg (78.62 KB, 692x796, 173:199, C8FD-AlV4AAqIgs.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1491291067824-3.jpg (271.39 KB, 2048x1635, 2048:1635, C8ACq1oV4AA2Ikc.jpg large.jpg)

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a cuter couple.



The show had an incredible feeling of adventure and discovery. And maybe more than that one of potential whenever they'd meet a new Friend. Hard to completely put into words. Truly great show.

File: 1491172744920.gif (517.85 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tsugumomo-dick-grab.gif)


The time has come, and so have I.

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How is the studio going to know the show is popular if we don't shitpost about it on an imageboard?


File: 1491274620399.png (74.84 KB, 515x507, 515:507, 0992484210909.png)

I'm hyped for mega lewd moments



I hope you like mysterious fog and rays of light



You can shitpost about a show without watching it.


I'm 90% expecting it to be awful and not at all enjoyable compared with the manga, but I'll withhold my judgement for later.

File: 1470305171701.png (Spoiler Image, 12.52 MB, 4656x3283, 4656:3283, 2fd5be21a9d7996a6723fa7260….png)


We've moved the server to America, enjoy your freedom!

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File: 1491247196060.jpg (167.89 KB, 760x933, 760:933, lolibut.jpg)



Have a big difference between host and access a kind of content.


>not Uruguay, the country that responded to the UN's no loli policy by illegalizing monitorization of the internet.



>country is called "u r gay wwwwww"

>the rest of the world looks fucking gay compared to them in this case

Strange, but we've seen stranger things in recent years.



> illegalizing monitorization of the internet

Source? I give a search on google but don't find anything.

File: 1452261361930-0.jpg (418.15 KB, 728x1047, 728:1047, 67726743479543417616775982….jpg)

File: 1452261361930-1.png (471.6 KB, 972x1400, 243:350, img000029.png)

File: 1452261361930-2.png (1.4 MB, 1944x1400, 243:175, img000004.png)

File: 1452261361930-3.jpg (366.06 KB, 728x1048, 91:131, 64566696934379941411091967….jpg)

File: 1452261361930-4.jpg (381.93 KB, 728x1048, 91:131, 12390604229147232441933539….jpg)


(Seeing as how the old one over at fullchan is dying, I'll start the new one here.)

>what are you reading?

>Do you like it?

>Is it shit but you like it anyways?

>what are you reading?

I have started reading Gleipnir, there isn't that many chapters out yet.

>Do you like it? / Is it shit but you like it anyways?

Sorta the story is nothing new (main character is average mac average, gets involved in a high stakes game whith his life on the line with some vague goal/reward awaiting him in the end.) But the main reason I like it is because of the female main character who learns of the MCs secret powers and starts to blackmail him. The way she almost semst to get off on using him, sometimes literally, turns me on.

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Madokami has the last volumes (in digital, though).


Apparently Black General-san is getting an anime.

Supposedly it's 10 3-minutes shorts.



I have an easier time imagining how that will work than poptepipic which is getting a 3d-anime.



Another good one to watch in webm form on /a/.


File: 1491254832534.png (185.92 KB, 627x607, 627:607, nakiri.PNG)


Love Hina is the source of all evil. It is the point at which tsundere came to mean embarrassed with violent outbursts rather than slowly developing feelings.

File: 1491142424681.jpg (100.51 KB, 448x568, 56:71, 2e537773e3b8de347c657dcacd….jpg)

 No.403816[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Okay 8chan it's the 2nd now you can drop the "LEL WE GOT HAXORRED" April fools joke now. It's not funny.

364 posts and 106 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Sort of.



threads are all fucked



Meidos are considering nuking it all and starting fresh.



works for me(tm)

what's the issue?


File: 1491340837135.png (40 KB, 793x413, 793:413, shinmyoumaru tears.png)


Trying to open the rabbit thread sends me to /tgw/!

File: 1491237363543.jpg (1.34 MB, 1000x1452, 250:363, the detective.jpg)


Does /a/ remember Umineko? It's been quite a long time.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Is MAPPA going to save anime this spring?

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The problem is they might change the formula a lot to please the elevens. Like you said, the first one wasn't a big hit, so who knows what might have changed (you can already see the change in MC, who is markedly more generic than Favaro).

Then again this is a big ad for the mobile game, so they probably care more about that than the anime doing well (not like the cost of it is much for them, swimming in chink money).



I don't think it matters whether the y do or don;t. Next season I'm only interested in sequels. I thought the Astro Boy prequel would be nice, but after seeing the trailer, I gave up on it.




I think this is one of those shows that got revived due to gaijin interest only, like Little Witch Academia this season.


File: 1491227457421.mp4 (142.96 KB, 426x426, 1:1, 1453862746970.mp4)


Thanks fags/fujoshis for buying the shit out of Yuri on ice.



Yuri on Ice was just a minor bump in the road on Maruyama's quest to run another animation studio into the ground. Not that I'm complaining because it means we'll get more of that great Mappa animation for another couple years at least. Who would have guessed that fujoshits would have made a positive contribution to the world however inadvertently.

File: 1491169182026.png (635.4 KB, 640x704, 10:11, friends.png)


Fuck yeah Lok fucking bit the dust, about fucking time.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491203564208-0.png (688.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit….png)

File: 1491203564208-1.png (580.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit….png)

File: 1491203564208-2.png (573.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit….png)

File: 1491203564208-3.png (760.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit….png)

>embodiment of all that's wrong with gjallarhorn, except competent

>arm criminal syndicates with your own weapons in exchange for support

>use black propaganda to justify mass murder

>fire space wmds twice

>become the most powerful man in the solar system

It's kind of impressive, honestly.


Ride Wing Death Squad was definitely the best part of the ending. Though, the final scene should have been a suicidal hit on Rustal set to Orphans Namida.


The ending sucked so much, holy shit.

>Interracial relationship with mud baby

>2 girls that love the same dead guy are raising his baby

>Rustal and all the other who didn't really care about anything won

>Kudelia with Joanne D'Arc painting behind her even though everything she protected died, and she's alive

>The whole thing Orga wanted was a definitive good life in present and future and to things not be half-assed and no danger in the future, but we got the half-assed stuff with almost no changes making all the struggle irrelevant.

Maybe they could redeem this series by making a time skip and making child Mika and Ride Death Squad to take revenge on the world.


Wait, what happened to Almiria?



Couldn't openly admit she loved him on national television, that's pedophilia you know.



Waiting for Macky.

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