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File: 1451604740549.jpg (44.25 KB, 229x231, 229:231, 1383298285736.jpg)


Meanwhile in Bunker…


I want to do lewd things with /a/non.



Oh my.



Just remember you cant rape the willing.



>you will never operate with a Sako 95

why must this finns do this to us?



>tfw no psycho gun girl stalking you


What was the 400000 get, I missed it and it the archive is all fucked up and the post is deleted.



A tripfag shitposting. Worst GET of all time, worse than the 100M furry get on 4/b/ years ago.



Does anyone have a cap or did the post get deleted instantly?



Ah, such is life.


Wake me up when we aren't dead.




I wish we were.



Why would you wish for something like that?



It would mean that we are in hell and at least all this bullshit going on wouldn't be real.





"Unplanned maintanence"


File: 1454753228085-0.png (32.07 KB, 669x611, 669:611, 1454687878598.png)

Xythar begins to plan his way to fansub domination. So that he may take his revenge on PlayAsia.


inb4 Infinity NEXT out of nowhere.



We were wrong all this time, Daiz wasn't the enemy it was Xythar all along.


I love you /a/! Please don't ever leave me.


Once again the bunker proves its usefulness



Party hard, Akari-chan.

This is your last chance.


bunk bunk bunk


Nah, we always hated Commie and Xythar is just an extension of that. I always thought Xythar to be mid-tier on the faggot list at best though. I was clearly mistaken.

Daiz is just a bipolar faggot who can't decide if he's pro or anti user.


It keeps happening.



Why not just DMCA Commie?



Commie is currently down so it seems that's exactly what happened.

Unless they're the same as nyaa?



As expected of a tranny.


Wake me up when the main site gets fixed.






I can see HW's tweet about it being back up, so why can't I load 8chan still?


I'm glad it's Saturday and I have no anime to watch today.


8ch dying again.



Just when /2hu/ was becoming more lively again.


I'm honestly getting sick and tired of all this bullshit on 8chan, discussion feels slower then ever.

New United Danknet Chanboard when?



There is an .i2p chan up atm thought there isn't much activity on it.

Found it on the File sharing thread on /v/.



This is probably a stupid question, but is there anywhere that I can read about the history of fansub groups or is nobody autistic enough to keep track of that shit?



theres nozomichan.i2p, but thats just a textboard


Up and down; up and down.

Just fix it already.



I wonder what the problem is. The unscheduled maintenence was supposed to be done four hours ago.


It better not be down at 4am tonight, but I know it will be



If it is, we could have a thread here.



What's happening at 0400 your time?



The only thing that comes to mind is the radio/music playing threads



there's the 4am threads on /v/, thats the only thing I can think of.


It keeps going down every once in a while. Is it still because of Josh's shit code or did the kike on wheels fuck up?



It's Chizu's week anyway.



Joshua leaked the IPs a month ago and now 8ch is being DDoS'd.



Why do I feel like these fuckers are responsible for 8ch going down as well? It's probably unfounded but the timing is awfully convenient.



overchan.anime still works

https://nsfl.tk/overchan.anime-0.html for a clearnet link



That fucking faggot.

Should we kill him?



Feed him to the pigs.



Bingo, its the only time I really socialize with people




>with 人間

Come on, people, it's 2016!



>Josh gets used as food for the pigs

>dies doing the most useful thing he has ever done in his life


We still dong have strong AI, so it's still better to socialize on chans.


And the drama continues, why can't we just have a nice board without all this shit? I'm getting real tired of these people.



What drama? What am I missing?



I imagine he is talking about Josh's recent tweets, announcing that he will reveal some bad shit about Jim and the cripple soon.



we seem to have a nice one right here

let's not use this as a bunker lets just stay here. forget 8gag.



With the bunker not being advertised right now, its really only for the people who know about it. Its quite a bit of a stretch to say it could develop into a fork/sub-board/secret club of some kind


Far as I can tell, Josh threatened to leak some chatlogs that painted Speedwagon in a bad light, but Hotwheels beat him to it. Both of them portray themselves as the only ones that care about 8chan, while the other is clearly incompetent and mentally unstable, and totally lost without the sound guidance of the author. In other words, it's all shit we've heard before from both sides, and nobody up top is really all that trustworthy. Even if Josh gave up the rights to Next and let them finish it (he won't), Hotwheels would have to willingly put his ego aside to use Josh's code (he won't). There's enough salt on all sides to pay for a hundred Roman Empires.

If the smugbunker is here to stay, even though it's a small sekrit club, it's still got a more stable future than 8/a/.

It's better to spread the love and not get too caught up in one particular site, anyways. Here, Samachan, Sushichan, Lainchan, that one "tea" chan that's only open during certain hours (I think 6am and 6pm, I always miss it) there's plenty of alternatives with their own regulars and conventions out there.

>Jim's face when his "gib next or I shut down 8chan" bluff backfired in every way possible



not an issue at all, just give it some exposure to the right people and the community will grow and remain enjoyable.

I know that nobody I talk to wants anything to do with 8gag anymore, I wont be going back.



>I always miss it

Me too, fucking time zones.


>I wont be going back.

I will, but mostly because of specif boards, like the draw ones, /monster/ and /hgg/.

Unlike half it's not getting censored and the community of some boards isn't shit, so there's almost no reason to not go back, other than cripplekike and the rumor that it's going closed source.


I love this place more than 8ch, even if we just talk about random things. I hope more /a/nons will come here next time someone fucks up 8ch and we can discuss /a/ related stuff.


HW is just as bad as that retarded Josh now. Why did he even let that idiot run 8ch to the ground? Why let some guy play with your only source of income? I don't get it.



The smaller boards are usually worth going back for if they've got activity on them. Only board on 8ch I visit daily now is /a/, anyway, and that's already made up of people who post here.


I'm just more and more worried what will become of imageboards and what will come after them

Right now I can only find actually

- decent

- active

- approprietly on/off topic

discussion on sites like this one or on private trackers, although not everywhere

Any community everyone's allowed into and everyone knows about eventually goes to shit

Closed communites can breed unhealthy elitism (as opposed to healthy elitism we all like sometimes)

Where do we do



>Any community everyone's allowed into and everyone knows about eventually goes to shit


>4chan is good (supposedly. I wasn't around at that time)

>becomes popular

>goes to shit

>8ch becomes slightly popular

>really good, all boards are pure fun

>pedophile terrorists and literal pedos keep the few normalfags who know about it away

>gamergate explodes

>site becomes popular

>shitpost everywhere

The only good chans I know are small, less known ones, like sushi and lain.

Becoming more popular usually leads to normalfags and shitposters, so I'm happy with how the bunker currently is.





We all do anon, we all do.



>whining about greentext

>in greentext

OH HOHO IT doesn't get more ironic




my personal opinion is that to call lainchan trash would be an insult to garbage everywhere

I tried it for a couple months, half a year maybe, and I still can't wrap my head around how much cancer this site is

- it tries to profit on already establish brands and communities, tarnishes Lain to do so

- admin is an attention whore of the most despicable kind

- constantly begs for donations

- then blows them on anything but the site

- then makes threads about the garbage he bought

- then makes streams where he masturbates on camera

- donations are spend on ads that are on /g/, /tech/ and /cyber/

- userbase is basically reddit (I don't mean that as an insult, it is just a fact that you might find insulting) and all kinds of new are encouraged

in other words it's nothing but a leech trying to survive on the belly of bigger sites with their admin just trying to be another to make an easy living from the imageboard culture



I liked it, but mostly because I stayed the fuck away from any meta-type thread after seeing that the admin was a macfag, and only browsed the threads that looked interesting on /cyb/.

The discussions I saw on there were really interesting, but I can't deny the site is shit and one big circlejerk over the admin.


>visit endchan for the first time in a few weeks

>/am/ has come out of nowhere and is now the top board

>nothing but extreme shitposting on /am/

>/a/ is dead

Why do shitposters ruin everything. I thought that site was going to actually be something. I hope their /a/ gets revived, because I do like some of the other boards there and wouldn't mind calling that place home.

Until then, I guess I'll be here to talk about anime.



I don't see the problem, can't you just ignore them and use /a/?



I don't post on /am/ and I do post on /a/ when I can.

I'm not going to talk to myself, though.


File: 1455295354854.png (3.44 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1455040477563.png)

So what is this place anyway? I got banned from /a/ so I can't ask there. This site is part of the turnip-kike chan?



An emergency /a/, but if you got banned there I wouldn't get my hopes up.



I-I'll just lewd things to you first.


Does this "bunker" have the same hotpockets as the main site? I'm not sure I can stand the draconian and utterly inconsistent bullshit that those worthless fucks get up to anymore.



is it down?

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