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File: 1453665878669-0.png (41.32 KB, 601x288, 601:288, 1453664396179.png)

File: 1453665878669-1.png (652.8 KB, 955x532, 955:532, n2owvzhi.png)

File: 1453665878669-2.png (124.04 KB, 1180x732, 295:183, 1453662951505.png)


Infinity NEVER officially over. 8chan had a good run.


HW's vfec seems to work fine, so 8ch isn't dead, just NEXT.


File: 1453675403816.jpg (41.57 KB, 720x689, 720:689, image.jpg)

First of all:


>people donated


>there are people alive who though Next would work

>he's such a fucking failure his projects end like his high school: incomplete and beyond redemption

It took longer than I thought but at least it's finally over. I wish I had smug anime girls in my phone. Also

>8ch kill

Nah, Josh WOULD'VE killed it, but hw can still save it.


File: 1453676860392.jpg (249.36 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 1421044325189.jpg)

I don't know what happened, but I feel apathetic about 8ch's future. Most of the site feels alien to me now, just like 4chan did after the first exodus. I only hope, when shit hits the fan most of the remaining /a/nons will come here and we can have a super comfy /a/. God bless you meido for making this bunker, I love you.


Why do you have Samuel L. Jackson on your phone?




I'm kind of disappointed that I won't be able to post mp3s now. I was really looking forward to that.


Apparently HW is doing a stream tonight here:




Why don't you?


File: 1453689045813.png (659.24 KB, 453x805, 453:805, mana sip.png)


Josh repeatedly refused help throughout the development of Next and then gave up when he couldn't do it himself. Refused help and funding from Jim (of 2ch) and Rob (whoever that is). Didn't give a fuck about IP leaks on the beta. Howheels trusted Josh too much and Josh lied to him - Josh is officially out. Hotwheels currently exploring his options, and it seems losing Josh is not as huge a blow as you might think to the future of 8ch.


File: 1453689636000.png (1.93 MB, 680x697, 40:41, 1453685975024.png)


>and it seems losing Josh is not as huge a blow as you might think to the future of 8ch.

Good at least it should help get 8ch back on track.

Will this website go down and only come back up in case of emergency? What about the cost for the domain?


File: 1453690069572.png (707.25 KB, 792x1750, 396:875, 1445215544145.png)


>losing Josh is not as huge a blow as you might think

I don't think anyone thinks losing that retard is a bad thing, we might just have a chance to survive now. Don't know why HW let this happen for so long.


What a punchable face.



should be more like


this is how you launder 12000$

btw 12k goes very far in thailand



>Most of the site feels alien to me now, just like 4chan did after the first exodus.

This. There's just so much overall faggotry on 8ch now in comparison to about a year or so ago, and the first /v/ exodus is barely reaching a year ago at this point.

I'm glad the bunker exists.


File: 1453700467988.webm (76.94 KB, 955x532, 955:532, pizza.webm)

>he bought pizza for me so i figured everything was cool



File: 1453722448854.jpg (625.41 KB, 701x991, 701:991, 1451637396940.jpg)


He doesn't give a shit anymore, does he? I'm not sure why did he abandoned the community that liked him and probably made his life much better?



That's something only the meidos could say, I hope we have this bunker because regardless of the repair choice anons vote for it will probably cause downtime of 8ch.



We dont need the bunker for a while. I would rather the meido who paid for this save his money.

It may be a long time before we need a bunker again, so I'm not worried.


Do you have any other nekopara sprites?


>Most of the site feels alien to me now, just like 4chan did after the first exodus.

A bunch of boards are dead, HW admits we lost traffic to 4chan due to the new admin being better than Moot, and Mark being a faggot has encouraged more people to leave /v/, becuase he was being a cunt, censoring posts and telling people if they hated how 8ch worked they have no alternatives, but atleast we arent cuckchan right guys ;^)

Whatever, I still have /a/, and I will take a quality over quantity. So I'm staying. I wish this season werent so shit though.



>HW admits we lost traffic to 4chan due to the new admin being better than Moot

He called Hiroyuki incompetent, and that he was better only in that he was interacting with people far more than moot ever did in the last five years. Healso said that it was equally possible that traffic loss was due to blacklisting from google images, since 8ch was constantly being hit by requests from them. Probably not a coincidence that shortly after the google shit happened, the site started running slightly better.

>Mark being a faggot has encouraged more people to leave /v/

He said that some people don't like how Mark moderates the board and left it at that. Stopped short of feeding into it, though we all know who he was talking about.


A snippet of the faggotry. https://ghostbin.com/paste/m6ego2b9




I missed it, what did he said?



>Joshua is gone

>HW will vote for Donald Trump

>There's a poll on what to do next

That's about it.


File: 1453757765917.jpg (309.77 KB, 1200x1725, 16:23, 1439683064628.jpg)


>Do you have any other nekopara sprites?

Sadly I only have that one.



So, other than the poll, only obvious shit? Did he at least call Josh a faggot?


File: 1453758457358.jpg (1.08 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 35937848.jpg)


>Hopefully josh was right about people hating him and not his code, so the userbase lets some steam off when you tell then that he left?

I wouldn't give a shit about Josh's personality if he could do his fucking job. Failing AND acting like he did was too much, fuck him.


File: 1453759529604.jpg (1.02 MB, 3021x2266, 3021:2266, image.jpg)

Here's the poll.


>fix your shit in first followed by going with Lynx

>next in dead last

Hell yeah motherfuckers.


File: 1453760087302.webm (263.48 KB, 680x697, 40:41, pig-farm.webm)


some context here


File: 1453769321451.webm (473.14 KB, 680x697, 40:41, pig-farm-subs.webm)


First time subbing.

Now I just need to learn nip and I can start my own troll subs group.


File: 1453771960406.png (348.4 KB, 656x720, 41:45, smug_momoka-sama.png)




Josh has to be a schizo. This is too hilarious.


File: 1453814541448.gif (289.11 KB, 400x471, 400:471, 1430184043435.gif)


>i just, he even told me that he won't work on Next until i go with some guy in katipunan to find drugs for him.

What the fuck



Ended just like that. They'll try to fix vichan, then try Lynxchan if that doesn't works. Next is a last resort, TWELVE THOUSAND.



Next is not going to see the light of day on 8chan unless Hotwheels gets Josh to bend to his will.

The tweets in question



Now its healing Vichan, something that HW should have don 6 months ago if he never intended to work a lot on Next.



The intersting part is this:

>Null: He basically called me a meth addict and now people think I'm whacked out on drugs or something

>Flowers For Sonichu Flowers For Sonichu: it was great cuz there is something very wrong with my leg

>DuskEngine: otc morphine!!

>Whatisgoingon: I was confused as hell.

>DuskEngine: lol modafinil isn't addictive

>Arkangel: Did someone say nandos? http://i.imgur.com/tMpXspK.jpg

>Valiant: I could say that I am a collector of sex mods… but then thats :powerlevel:

>Null: I asked him repeatedly to use his knowledge of the medical system to get me a psychiatrist or something. I wanted to talk about my focus.

>Null: But he never did. He never helped me do this. I just wanted to work more.

>Null: And now he's claiming I'm an addict

That is all. The other issue is a tremendous meta debt HW has left to the userbase.



Yeah, I'm not sure why he didn't stop Next earlier. The only reason why he was doing it was because the Vichan code was a clusterfuck and Next was supposed to be better, but you could already see that Next was going to turn into a even bigger clusterfuck from a long ass time ago.



Also because Josh didn't want to work with Czacks. more will follow.


File: 1454066737895.jpg (15.95 KB, 235x255, 47:51, embarrassing.jpg)


13:40:16 ~copypaste last night i turned off post stats before going to bed

13:40:20 ~copypaste that's why everything is zeroed

13:40:30 ~copypaste i found the reason for the original complaint [/v/ takes a long time to post to]

13:40:33 ~copypaste get ready for this

13:42:04 ~copypaste inserting into the board_stats table was taking many seconds

13:42:10 ~copypaste it was getting worse with more and more records

13:42:27 ~copypaste and because board_stats never prunes its historical record, combined with josh's inability to focus on database design

13:43:01 ~copypaste we all assumed that it was just the original reason i started the search for a new IB software, was making things worse

13:43:02 ~copypaste not so

13:43:31 ~copypaste not only did Josh fail at Next, but his incompetent post stats patch degraded preformance over time silently because josh sucks at DB design

13:43:33 ~copypaste what the fuck.

13:43:59 ~copypaste that's why things continued to get worse even with 8chan's user count decreasing

13:44:05 ~copypaste because the post stats table continued to grow

13:44:18 ~copypaste josh's insistence that algorithmic complexity did not apply to him was…wrong.

13:44:33 ~copypaste this is becoming shakesperean tragedy levels of sad.

13:44:35 maksev so basically

13:44:38 maksev hidden grenade

13:44:45 ~copypaste more like hidden balloon

13:44:46 maksev how fun i do so love db faults

13:44:56 ~copypaste or like hidden frog in slowly heating up water

13:45:01 Reveton josh is a moron. big O is hardly even computer science, it's just a basic understanding of how many operations you're doing

13:45:07 ~copypaste you've all noticed posting is better now with no stats right?

13:45:08 maksev picture a hentai where the girl is constantly force fed water up her ass until assplosion copypaste


15:32:23 ranix wait did you just fix next by reverting one change

15:33:44 ranix oh you mean josh fucked up vichan

15:33:46 ranix well

15:34:08 ranix so he fucked up vichan and caused an emergency that required him to be hired as a full time coder to fix is

15:34:11 ranix it

15:34:13 ranix is that about the size of it

15:35:06 maksev yes

tl;dr the entire reason Infinity Next was "needed" was because Josh fucked up 8ch in the first place. All of 8ch's performance problems in 2015 can be traced back to Josh. Through malice or just plain incompetence, he sabotaged the site. That "Goon plant" theory is looking more and more likely.



I hope some pissed anon goes after him and makes him suffer.



I never thought I'd say this, but /intl/ was right.



>That "Goon plant" theory is looking more and more likely.

I never heard of it, explain it please.


File: 1454071816483.jpg (32.64 KB, 480x364, 120:91, accusations abound.jpg)


It's just the idea that Josh was actually a Goon who tricked Hotwheels and the rest of 8ch for the sole purpose of taking the site own from within. This whole Next fiasco and the fact that he actually was found to have Goon connections on sites like Freech raise a ton of red flags as to what his intentions really were but on the other hand if he wanted to hurt 8ch he could've been much more effective at it given the position he was in.

I think he was just hilariously incompetent.


File: 1454074877215.jpg (207.46 KB, 839x1083, 839:1083, 1452248072354.jpg)


What if he was really a goon, but just too incompetent to do bigger damage?



Who is this wavy mouthed semen demon




He's so incompetent I'm starting to wonder how he manages to breathe enough air to stay alive.


No source thread so I second this.



>necro spam in the bunker

God damn. Maybe the Meidos should think about removing the link form /a/ soon.



The spam started after /woo/ was allowed to have it's wrestling thing around April. The link in the rules was added after.



I know, but it wasn't here in the bunker before.

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