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File: 1465168573059.jpg (49.01 KB, 480x459, 160:153, 1465153073998.jpg)





>admin went to the mountains


>site dieded

>uboa admin remade it

>original admin confirmed he was okay to the uboa one.

>Seisatsu ## Admin 06/05/16 (Sun) 19:45:02 No.31

>We have received brief word from Itamae that he is okay. No more details yet. Stay tuned.


File: 1465180301808.jpg (13.64 KB, 225x234, 25:26, 1462081595432.jpg)


Excuse me, but wud da fug

The guy just drops the site and goes off innawoods just like that? No word of warning or anything? I could understand if he had health issues and couldn't continue admin work or something, but what the dink is this?



The man made the original site in less than 6 hour on a server he found by the side of the road. Fucking off to the mountains fits surprisingly well with what little we know of his personality.

That said:



I have no idea what sushigirl is, but congratulations for its anons.



No idea.

If I understand correctly it stayed up for some time after he went innawoods, so maybe something happened. I asked the admin but he still hasn't answered.


>I have no idea what sushigirl is

An image board we were planning on migrating to.



>so maybe something happened

Any number of magical things can happen to you innawoods. I'm going to assume he got hurt in some way, since he's (apparently) still alive but indisposed of at the moment.

Also, sushi never had an actual board dedicated to discussing anime (as far as I know), so migrating there would be sort of weird.



>An image board we were planning on migrating to.

Why? We have this place



I think the logic behind it was that this place is cool, but it's only a temporary auxiliary system and we might want a more stable community to settle down in; Sushi was the best fit for us or something.



>>admin went to the mountains


>>original admin confirmed he was okay to the uboa one

How do you disappear in the mountains for two whole months?



Sushi doesn't even have an anime board though.



>How do you disappear in the mountains for two whole months?

He was on a spritual journey to find himself



Is that really what he said, or are you just joshing us?


File: 1465930775680.jpg (181.15 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1412916434519-3.jpg)

It feels less comfy.



How can anyone be, given what happened?



It'll hopefully get better now that we have agreed on just moving threads and the mod that started it all ragequit.



<undoall> SushiChan should've died when itamae disappeared

* undoall (~undoall@2602:306:39d6:40b0:d93:484:dd4f:3f0) has left ("Leaving")

All this over people discussing the state of chans. I'm glad he left but I wish itamae was back



Agreed, though I'm worried about him. The last time he talked was a short email to the uboa admin.


File: 1469112554836.jpg (49.75 KB, 592x496, 37:31, 1467416967122.jpg)


Is he legitimately insane?


File: 1469150122875.png (672.32 KB, 1054x509, 1054:509, 1465690832778-1.png)

>sushigirl down the past few hours

It's nothing, really. Cloudflare has problems all the time. Everything's going to be just fine. Just fine. Just fine.



I wouldn't worry, it came back once, so it can't be that hard.


File: 1499940178380.png (8.73 KB, 773x166, 773:166, 2017-07-13 20_01_59-Insecu….png)

S-should I be worried?



This shit sucks dick to be honest


Read the FAQ.

It's SJW shit now.



Disappointing, but also unsurprising. A while after the site went back up under the new address, I thought I began noticing Kool aid on the menu, so to speak. My inner tinfoil wants to say the fiasco that happened last year was some manner of a soft coup.




I don't know about SJW or soft coups, but the sushi hasn't tasted the same since Itamae disappeared, as >>399345 points out. Very disappointing.


File: 1509563970092.jpg (123.15 KB, 450x610, 45:61, e89dac1cddf6ed4d8fafa316a0….jpg)

Are there any non-dead small comfy chans out there? I just want a comfy place to talk about random things that has at least one post each one to two days.

I went back to sushi recently, damn that place has changed. It used to be a comfy place to talk about stuff, it just felt natural, People were civil, but the place didn't felt restricted.

Now sushi just has that Orwellian board feel. It feelslike an oppressive authoritarian management hidden behind a fake layer of "everything is fine. People aren't aggressive to each other, retarded on purpose or edgy, and yet the comfy isn't there. It's like it mimics being comfy, but people would fucking murder and rape each other the second the mods left. That's no different from today's forums, it's a reddit with anonymity.



There's nothing really like what you're asking for, unfortunately. You could try making your own board on endchan or mewch; if it had even half of the comfy that ole sushi had, I'd happily post there. There are some live boards that are sort of comfy but are also avatarfag central with a subtle pretentious air.



>There's nothing really like what you're asking for, unfortunately.


>You could try making your own board

I don't trust myself with moderation but I guess I could try that. Either we get a new comfy place or it goes down in flames and everything goes back to usual.


The rules seem lax, I haven't seem mods post with caps and it's smaller than endchan, so that's somewhat better. I still never heard of it before, though, how's the place?



There's always /tea/, but it's only open for a few short hours and I can't remember the address.




Dreamchan is pretty good.

Uboa is down right now, and I'm looking for more info about that.


File: 1519554184228.jpeg (133.06 KB, 850x966, 425:483, ea8fe9ce5e04d4bb404c8cc47….jpeg)


Dreamch seems pretty comfy, but I wish there was a random board or something for off-topic discussions.

All I want is a place to discuss politics, societal problems and other random subjects without the circlejerk that is 8ch and the shit flinging name-calling that is pretty much everywhere else.


File: 1524608657831.png (108.22 KB, 378x588, 9:14, 002_2.png)


Would you look at that, we're both looking for the same thing. I pretty much doubt I place like that could exist in the current turbulent state of mainstream political outlooks and counter-culture alike, but let me know if you ever find something.


Not certain if this is a recent development or fix. But for the first time in months I can connect to both Uboachan and Sushigirl. If one was up the other was down.


File: 1526940568922.jpg (48.99 KB, 475x527, 475:527, nobunaga shinobi smile.jpg)


That's nice to hear.

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