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File: 1491622577865.png (395.62 KB, 470x470, 1:1, 9de4d3fe673e77dff376148f94….png)

 No.405194[Last 50 Posts]

>everything's 404ing again

For fuck's sake.


We're back, but for how long?



Judging by what we've just experienced, I imagine it'll be intermittent.


File: 1491708767398.jpg (290.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wew.jpg)

And it's broken again. Good website.


File: 1491708830835.png (83.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1483233326490.png)




File: 1491708883263.jpg (69.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1422013687089-0.jpg)

What did you expect?


File: 1491709632103.gif (132.01 KB, 393x424, 393:424, dancing flan-chan with pud….gif)


We need better devs.


File: 1491709751690.jpg (28.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1440678256140.jpg)

>8chan is borked again just barely a week after the previous snafu.


File: 1491709859187.png (114.57 KB, 552x401, 552:401, no good.png)

This is because of reddit and the 400lb midget raiding /pol/ isn't it



It's down for a hotfix.


File: 1491710795077.png (200.48 KB, 700x650, 14:13, 7ba4a3f804d388f8c90ff1f268….png)

>just finished writing a long-ish story about Konata for a pee thread on /loli/

>8chan is burning down again

Oh well, at least I have something to masturbate to.


I was worried it was something on my part, hopefully it gets fixed soon.



Seems to be working now. I managed to post at least. It might be intermittent.



Just did it now as well, but the catalog didn't update to recognize the change.


What the Cloudflare is doing?



Failing, as usual.



Yep. Back to the bunker we come. How are we doing today? I've read the latest Promised Nevermind chapter, interesting insight into Mama's history and shown in only four panels too. I really hope the story doesn't lose the focus it's had since the start. It could very easily derail itself.



Did I break the bunker? I hope I didn't.


Looks like the site is down again



not again.. fuck


File: 1493215202375.png (169.54 KB, 510x346, 255:173, 4ad6595bb9f6286e3c3c670ac5….png)

The site is down, but oddly at least as a vol I can still see and post on /2hu/ and /loli/ through the mod pages.



Looks like it might just be index and catalog pages down. Just posted in the anime dream thread and it went through just fine.


down again..?



Looks that way. Hopefully it will be back up again soon.



Got a 502 thing.



I could reply to threads I already had open but couldn't open new threads.



sys.8ch.net is still up, hence why posting works.

You should be able to use the public mod account to browse the site normally:


Username: Anyone

Password: 0



I wonder what the fuck is happening and when codemonkey is going to fix the memory leak, how the fuck do you get a commie to get off his ass anyway? There is no gulag to throw him in


Really? Mine just get stuck on the posted bit



Checking some of the most populated boards, it seems like it is hit-and-miss. Trying to access the catalog of the political boards and /a/ will give 502, but /v/ and /tv/ at least somewhat load. Also some anons can still reply to threads that were open before whatever happened.


File: 1493492047577.jpg (84.14 KB, 756x686, 54:49, outcast stare.jpg)

We need better devs.


File: 1493492281821.png (1.35 MB, 1178x1200, 589:600, ontan can't handle it.png)

Here we go again.


File: 1493493760770.png (179.43 KB, 497x498, 497:498, 1461124385067.png)

Some old posts from thursday are now popping up in threads


File: 1493508650969.gif (1.14 MB, 500x540, 25:27, This fucking thread.gif)

Site is still down and noone is here, what the fuck



It's switching between working and being down. I doubt that it will go down long enough for people to stay in the bunker for more than an hour or so.



It's been 4 hours of complete downtime for me



Welp, sys.8ch.net seems to be unresponsive now, so I can't post. I bet this is that damn rabbit's fault.



It's giving a "Scheduled maintenance" message when I try to post.


File: 1493896934521.jpg (322.54 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, chuunitrain.jpg)

First nyaa, now this. Why is everything I love going to shit.



Don't worry, it's only getting worse from here on.



No one said the year of the Fire Monkey would be easy.


File: 1493952956781.jpg (87.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ergo_proxy pino.jpg)

>getting 502 errors just like a week ago

I'm getting really tired of this shit.


Now it's switching between working and not working. It will probably fix itself in the morning I guess.


It's of the year of the fire cock now, but I don't remember what that entails specifically though. I'd still consider 2017 to be better than 2015 though.


And now the catalog link isn't working. Clicking on it just brings you to the first page.



Yeah the Friends thread doesnt display past a few hours ago.



Going to the index will take you to the catalog and vice versa. Something's definitely going wrong.


So every tiem the index page redirects to page 3 or something means site is fucked.

But /a/'s backup bunker, which looks the fucking same as 8chan, still works.




I blame Josh


Guys, I think 8chan and endchan may be datamining our asses and there's nothing we can do about it.

There is also https://8ch.pl/a/ Hosted in Moldova, the country in which you can pretty much hate-speech (lol Holocaust denial) because it's freedom of speech but I don't think it has an appealling number of users and posts per hour, it's so damn quiet in there, even on /pol/ (/pol/ is a new bunker, turns out imkampfy and therealmoonman were bumplocking threads and banning users posting delicate information and leaks). I don't even know if this site is secure, I think 8chan.net's datamining scandal made me suffer from severe paranoia.

Is imageboard culture kill? Who is gonna replace us?



Realtime imageboards are the future, they just need to grow out of their sekrit club circlejerk stage.


File: 1496521869255.png (1.38 MB, 1622x1480, 811:740, 8chan IPs.png)


8chan isn't datamining anything. See these long strings? That's the hashed IPs, which change every few weeks. This is with my global account. The Server doesn't save anything else.

As a comparison: I don't do anything with them, but smuglo.li still saves the unhashed IPs. At some point I hope Head Meido merges the OpenIB changes with our memory cached vichan (the thing that makes this site so fast), but for now I can see your IPs.



i found this site bc someone posted the link to it on /b/8ch and dysnomia kept asking and prodding about it so i figured i'd visit, this was weeks ago maybe months back



You of little faith, why must you be so cynical. Just stay away from the cartel's nyaa.si page and all will be well




Is 8ch down again?



So it seems.


File: 1498868032866.jpg (49.36 KB, 640x739, 640:739, witch academia not pleased.jpg)

8ch is ded again


File: 1499030077296.jpg (85.12 KB, 778x633, 778:633, nyanko not pleased.jpg)

Ded again.


File: 1499030736002.jpg (22.19 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 1463353186163.jpg)




File: 1499031488185.jpg (10.91 KB, 253x199, 253:199, eacc4899c9bc248ebfbfe0e408….jpg)

>last post on h8/a/ was 75 minutes ago

W-what's happening


File: 1499031520835.png (168.24 KB, 350x444, 175:222, saiki shock its over.png)


It's all over.



At least we have the bunker. Again.


What's been happening recently? The site has gone down for an hour or two regularly for the past few days.



It happens whenever the oompa loompas working the coal furnace take a break



It's just a slow night. all the anons have gone to bed.



Who knows. /pol/ is being hit with randomized spam, posting doesn't work on /a/ and sys.8ch.net is down. I whined in the IRC, but Ron seems to be sleeping.


So some sperg is spamming /pol/ so much its fucking with the site. Why do these retards insist on even bothering with that board if they think its shit? I just want to post on /a/.



The only problem with making threads in the bunker is that they will likely stay dead until 8ch comes back up. But if you want to anyways, feel free to use the bunker as much as you want.



>Ded again.

Thank goodness it wasnt just me. I thought pale moon was doing something stupid


We're back now.


The head maid should be on the lookout since apparently some tiny ib is planning to raid top boards to steal users away and make Jim suffer.

This is the most retarded thing I've seen since the people who thought constantly posting about endchan was going to make a difference.


File: 1499036096199.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 1446579130453.gif)



Link for reference, smug with me at this idiocy.



You spoke too soon I'm afraid



This. Some of the boards are getting spammed right now.


File: 1499037463797.jpg (128.27 KB, 1366x770, 683:385, 91 days its over.jpg)


It's all over.


File: 1499038050035.png (26.35 KB, 390x260, 3:2, 15980582bd9ef302569bc7e095….png)


>Spamming their website will surely bring their userbase over to us!


/v/ could've avoided this if Mark hadn't deleted the rabbit thread for this month.


File: 1499039458587.jpg (145.19 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 9d3946dfcae3626c088793fb9a….jpg)

I've been out of the loop today. Is the spam really nothing more than faggots thinking spam would actually cause people to leave the site. It didn't work with /intl/ back in 2015, and it certainly won't work in 2017.


Why did Mark do that anyway? /v/ has more problems to deal with than the rabbit threads anyway.



Never did get an explanation, even though I did it his way. He's just inconsistent with everything and doesn't want people to have fun with a good luck charm meant to help others.



I don't think so. If you read what their plan is it doesn't match the spam that's being seen.

>No spam, just single posts on all the top boards and smaller but still popular ones like /x/ and such.

The spam is happening in threads with completely randomized combinations of words. None of them mention 32chan. It could be someone acting on the same basis as these guys though.

>As many of you know, /b/ is officially dead.

>It got spammed to shit, so DickInsomnia's placed in a permanent captcha, and has also locked every single thread critiquing him.

Possibly what we might be seeing is that someone from /b/ got so fed up that he decided to just nuke the site as much as possible.


File: 1499041490141.png (188.21 KB, 1139x1437, 1139:1437, 1446521294275.png)


Nine times out of ten it seems to be former /b/ and /pol/ users trying to bring the site down, what a shock two of the shittiest boards host such posters and never seem to understand boards like ours have not given much of a fuck about whatever issues they have with other BOs/admin.



There's also some guy on /jp/ claiming he's responsible and asking who to blame.



Some raid this has been, I've only seen them post to a few boards and the reaction from all of the threads has been apathy mixed with being told to fuck off. The process is playing out like it always does.


File: 1499066483027.mp4 (820.45 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1444139587477-pol.mp4)

>the tubes are still clogged


Is posting going to hell again?





>Implying it ever stopped


File: 1504146526987.jpg (551.62 KB, 838x1259, 838:1259, 085af1e1309095ab86dac266b8….jpg)

8chan sure is chugging tonight.


File: 1504228581860.jpg (111.07 KB, 960x720, 4:3, mpv-shot1196.jpg)


None of my posts seem to be showing up. I wonder how long it will last this time.


File: 1505354171129.png (516.71 KB, 840x900, 14:15, 5a62fb9d92a0d6892b7cc49932….png)

Is 8ch dead again? My posts get stuck in "posting" loading for a long time, over 10 minutes. Usually when this happens I can see the post by opening the thread in a new tab and the thread gets bumped. Right now though the post doesnt seem like it will ever finish. Is this part of the server upgrade?



It might be, I'm getting the same problems.



A lot of threads are getting messed up with new posts getting deleted at random, it seems. Might have something to do with the server upgrade they're trying to complete.


File: 1512614161744.jpg (208.05 KB, 538x785, 538:785, 80b9a41d452c6e65b44788c3d4….jpg)

>404 once more


File: 1512614976697.gif (953.11 KB, 330x300, 11:10, 1442357347218.gif)


Hope it ends soon.





It just started snowing today for the first real time this season. Maybe the cold is slowing down 8ch wireless signals from reaching the internet?



It's back up now.


File: 1513471848736.jpg (94.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 375403e0598baaa49f535fe7c1….jpg)

Is 8ch slow as fuck for anyone else?

Pictures and WebMs just won't load on site, opening a new tab just leaves the pic half loaded. I'm downloading shit from the site at literally 10- kb/s.

Other sites work well, bunker included, so it's not just my shit internet.



Yeh it's been slow for me for the last 6 hours or so.



8chan is always slow on Saturdays.



It's one of the reason's that we moved the streams over here, since like >>410920 said, 8chan always seems to shit itself on Saturday.





Not just today, seems it's been slow the entire week, if not more.


File: 1515523524747.png (68.49 KB, 592x570, 296:285, Untitled.png)

Guess which site broke again today?

I wish codemonkey would fix the fucking site instead of adding extra shit nobody wants and breaking more shit in the process.



At these point 8chan hiccups shouldn't surprise anyone anymore.



I guess, but it's been a while since I was completely unable to post in any board.


File: 1517492305290.png (75.69 KB, 303x336, 101:112, 34523453.PNG)

I'm just about to write off /a/ as completely lost to shitposters now. Cancer threads stay up completely untouched, oftentimes protected by the maids now, and the few maids that do appear to remove shitposts after half a day of being up don't touch them half the time. Coupled with a pretty blatant look based on their decisions to not touch certain threads that crossboarders are being welcomed with open arms now, the board is turning into /tv/ or another shitpost haven.

It was a good run, /a/.


File: 1517496616032.jpg (85.2 KB, 850x832, 425:416, sample_59e75b979b9a8659b5b….jpg)


I hope that we get some new meido's who are able to start cleaning up /a/. When there has been a thread about book covers, completely unrelated to anything japanese, up for hours, it starts to feel like the meidos just stopped iving a shit or just don't watch /a/ anymore. Either way I think we need some new meido's to help deal with the rampant shitposters that have been taking control of /a/ recently.



> I think we need some new meido's

In a thread on ameta, BO said there would be a meido drive but nothing has happened yet. I would love the chance to take a ban hammer to invaders but if the chance never arrives I can't help but avoid an increasing number of threads.



More meidos would be nice, it feels like there are certain periods in the day where there is no coverage.



Honestly you would probably be removed as a meido if you started doing that. They don't want to remove crossboarders anymore, we have a fucking /tv/ tier thread about netflix up for days.


File: 1517530663343.png (171.52 KB, 450x416, 225:208, akarin.png)

Why are there so many fucking newfags on /a/ recently? It's really uncomfy.



I don't understand it. The franxx threads are a disaster and the valentines collage thread is on active cleaning. I thought the christmas collage thread was an isolated event but seeing this happen again supports the idea of 8/a/ going through a fundamental change in culture. I don't like where this is going.



It's not a culture change. The meidos are gone for some reason. I think a lot of them are cuckchanners, but I don't know what happened for so many of them to suddenly appear.


File: 1517583013641.jpg (71.18 KB, 324x437, 324:437, 6c43682cc8d0f0185b9c7da53c….jpg)

I can't believe that there are anons who are outright admitting they are from /v/ without being immediately told to fuck off or getting banned. 2017 had too many events that led to crossboarders sneaking in and without from nyaa dying to the wedding thread where even codemonkey tried to shit it up, with the general apathy and actual lack of meidos being unable to delay it at the least. I hate sounding like a defeatist since when you take time to examine the situation it becomes extremely easy to find a solution to it, but it feels like /a/ is in the general state of decay that happens when something reaches its end.


File: 1517597222440.png (55.42 KB, 283x190, 283:190, sad manga shitposters.png)


The meidos will come back soon. I hope.


File: 1517597523017.mp4 (15.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 【Kagamine Len and Rin】Maid….mp4)


If they don't come back we will rise up to become the meido's ourselves.If the BO wasn't lying and actually recruits some little girls.



Looking at the ban list a meido was around 3 hours ago.


File: 1517597897468.png (80.58 KB, 1782x225, 198:25, top meido.PNG)


>but it feels like /a/ is in the general state of decay that happens when something reaches its end.

I came across this today. It seems like it's on us to feel free to spice things up again.


File: 1517620643622.png (28.69 KB, 708x487, 708:487, 3902d01b97ce8a6bbf416ebb3e….png)


>Honestly you would probably be removed as a meido if you started doing that

I can confirm. If you are too strict you will be dumped as a medio. Unrelated I decided to poke my head into /animu/ to see what all the fuss was about and stumbled across pic related.



>If you are too strict you will be dumped as a medio

They aren't just soft, they are enforcing going soft.

/a/ is no longer daijobu.



I think they've always been reasonably just.

The real issue is that we only have three meidos left as confirmed by BO on /ameta/. I really don't think that's enough to handle all the clean-up duties.

I start each day off with at least three reports, for fuck's sake.



I'm done going to /a/ for now, smuglo is all I have left that the shitposters haven't taken.


The head meido put up a recruitment drive thread, though with how laid back moderation is now, it probably will not even make a difference in shitposters. If someone can not be asked to put a period and use a capital letter, then what are the chances they are going to do anything but make a shitpost.



> we only have three meidos left

It doesn't help when capable and keen meidos get fired.



>meido drive

I want to apply but >>413509 >>413518 are discouraging to see. It would be really painful to be told you cannot do anything except clean the floors while the ship burns and sinks.



I'll apply anyways. I suppose its better to be rejected by the application process due to over-enthusiasm than to never at least try to make things better.


File: 1517719657546.png (441.12 KB, 535x520, 107:104, aaaa.png)


I am going to try, since I can't talk about the moderation of /a/ not being good right now, then pass up a chance given to me to try to moderate /a/ and hopefully get rid of some of the shitposters, without sounding like a hypocrite. Though I hope this position isn't too rough on my fellow little girls, I wouldn't want them to get burnt out and have the userbase of actual little girls decrease even more since they were too enthusiastic about cleaning up and making sure /a/ was as good as it could be. Though the thread started out being shit up by people trying to argue what a crossboarder is, which makes me believe that /a/ is not only filled with shitposters now but also newfags who are running amok around /a/. Now it's arguing about different boards, so the topic has gone completely off of /a/, though I guess that is to be expected considering how /ameta/ is used by most people to just shitpost.


Meido drive is over. I hope things go well.


File: 1518189268658.png (174.3 KB, 245x646, 245:646, 2bbcde5919d88cfb7892c6d8a8….png)


>I hope things go well.

Same. God knows the board needs a good new batch of meidos.


File: 1518932410163.jpg (24.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4e1cb67545458372f322734ca6….jpg)

Did the new batch of meidos get selected already? I have not gotten a positive or negative response to my application so I'm stuck wondering the new ones were silently accepted, or if the current team is just procrastinating.


File: 1518983480131.png (8.7 KB, 888x148, 6:1, 1567827612.png)


Depending on how many applications they got they might still be going through them. I saw pic related when I went through the thread today.


What happened to 8chan this time?



DDOS attack. That's all we know. Hopefully we get the details later.



My first thought is that some is still butthurt over our existence, but I recall hearing some autist making threats at a board. I think it was /u/.


File: 1519834957608.png (42.54 KB, 444x311, 444:311, 84c3c3a49b4418226800acf715….png)


Is bui on the loose again?




God fucking dammit! This feels like hearing air raid sirens and having to take shelter, without even knowing who the enemy is.


Couldn't find anything on /u/. I'd be obliged if you could find it.


I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong on my end, hopefully it gets put up soon.


File: 1519836072499.jpg (153.1 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 9a2e9a02339edbbe83d7fb1206….jpg)


I was getting the blank error when posting again, at least this time the site is fucked up and not just my brain.



Why is it always a lone autist that causes this kind of shit?



I don't know much of the details, but I know it was talked about a bit in /animu/'s meta thread. Someone was upset over the vol/NO and threatened to ruin the board or something.


I'm worried about that too, but wouldn't they just shut it down rather than DDoS?



I did see a halfchan drama thread on /u/, but I didn't read through it and I don't know if it's related. It was apparently bad enough to get anchored though.



Might be the Kirino fag sperging out again.



Was it supposed to be halfchan's /u/? Why would anyone talk about them here?



Didn't it just pass congress and still need to pass senate or some other stuff?

Besides, they'd probably just shut it down like >>414482 said. Or at least get clowdflare's cooperation before DDOSing to do some serious damage.

As of yet it's not affecting 8ch seriously, thanks to cloudflare's protection, so I'd say it's safe to say it's just some autist.


Here's the link to the thread.


It seems to be one of those "let's open the dumpster to laugh at the trash" threads.

It's funny sometimes, but I didn't think I'd see it over at /u/.



Anon, where have you been living for the past few years? Literally every time some toilet-scrubber on some cuckchan board bans discussing something, or takes down a thread for no reason they suddenly flood to 8chan and shit the whole equivalent board(s) on 8ch up with their obnoxious, reddit-tier behaviour and general disregard for what is acceptable here or not. Sometimes it even spreads across multiple boards.



It's strange how /u/ has so many enemies. Then again, their policy of not letting trannies turn it into a blogpost board and the whole business of telling dynasty scans to fuck off netted them a fair share of enemies.



I wish people started bullying the halfchan rapefugees that came after the GG exodus.

90% of the site is just shitposters and other retards that weren't bullied enough. It's been long past the point of no return.

I miss exodus /b/


>dynasty scan

Wasn't that the place that got mad at them because muh nazee symbolism? If so, nice fitting hitler dubs.


File: 1519838789208.jpg (510.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, a3d4d1f4088fe9b53d75b6e09a….jpg)


I don't get it, what about that thread indicates that someone was gonna DDoS the site. I skimmed through it so I might be missing something.


File: 1519839030835.gif (56.18 KB, 636x299, 636:299, dg6mXGp.gif)


The whole board is, even /v/ has gotten worse somehow.

We're being raided, flooded by halfchan and now even the governmment is threatening to shutting us down as the board get's Ddose'd.

The whole drama with /cow/ is likely one of the reasons as well.

Nothing but cuckchan crossposters nowadays and the vols can't step up their game.



The media usually keep/a/ clean of the stuff and /2hu/ has no equivalent board, so I tend to forget about it.



The meidos, rather. Damn autocorrect.


File: 1519839191144.webm (1.53 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Dotabata Desu_1.webm)


Pretty much and it's a sad state of affairs that the people trying to stop these retards from becoming the majority are being banned.



Yeah, one crazy on their forums demanded the mods warn them for a one-off übermench-joke on an old credits page and delete the offending page. Then, when the mods talked about agreeing to do so, tried to change the story to /u/'s logo being problematic and thus demanding all pages with it also be deleted.

Mods played favorites during discussions and in the end /u/ pulled all their stuff, leaving dynasty's forums whining about /u/ being hateful and overreacting.



A new batch of meidos has gotten accepted, so it should get better.



>I wish people started bullying the halfchan rapefugees that came after the GG exodus.

The extent to which shitposting is becoming a defining aspect of chan culture is absolutely disastrous, and it's these peoples' fault entirely. It has standardized low effort posting in every aspect. I'm not sure what happened to 4chan's user base since the first exodus, but I think it involves a huge influx of redditors tryharding their way into fitting in with the "cool kids" after all the media attention the site has received. There are a lot of mixed ideas about the role of the meidos, but they've done good work preventing this sort of bullshit from infecting our board.




I've been seeing a large influx of shitposters swearing like sailors on par with the exploding vans incident. When called out they go on massive spergouts instead of leaving, this shit wasn't even as bad two months ago as it is now.




That's the thing

They started coming to 8chan 2 months ago and unlike most newfags they refuse to adapt and are extremely aggressive to anyone who calls them out like you stated.



>The extent to which shitposting is becoming a defining aspect of chan culture is absolutely disastrous, and it's these peoples' fault entirely.

A substantial ammount of newfags don't even see shitposting as a bad thing.

They think shitposting is the thing you're supposed to do on an image board.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It has to do with all the /b/ shitposting over the years and people knowing 4chan as "that edgy troll site" you get absolute scum from other normalfag places coming here just to shitpost instead of actually promoting discussion.



>They started coming to 8chan 2 months ago

But why did they suddenly start coming two months ago? I can't think of any reason why there was a sudden increase because there wasn't anything that would cause a mass migration of newfags except for the wedding, but that was nearly half a year ago, and not two months.



Maybe it has to do with Hiro injecting malware into halfchan. How long ago was it when it was discovered?



Cuckchan was temporarily able to post images and Hiroshima removed Legacy Capcha for a Google Botnet Captcha, he's also lately been cracking down on some more shitpost heavy users that then come to 8chan like the pests they are.



It might not even have anything to do with /a/. They just come over here because of stuff mentioned in >>414487 or >>414507

to some other board like /v/ or /pol/ or /whatever/, and then spread from there to virtually every other board they can get their grubby hands on and spread the cancer. So some stuff happening on cuckchan's /mlp/ might trigger crossboard shitposting on /k/ or /a/ or /u/.

Another transmission vector is the Attention Hungry Games. Virtually every peaceful, comfy little low traffic board that I knew of suddenly becomes a massive hub of crossboard shitposting halfchan rejects who can't literally string two sentences toghether that wouldn't put a literal retard to shame once it 'won' the games.



Highly dependent on the board, but yeah, I tend to agree.

More traffic isn't necessarily a good thing.



Exactly. A tightly moderated board like /a/, one with a tightly-knit, solid community of core posters, or a little-known board with a total of 6 posters who've been there since forever is less likely to be affected. But even those have taken a downturn.


Speaking of newfags, there have been some strange posts showing up on /loli/ in the last couple of days. They have weird usernames, and the email field's always filled out. Their grasp of English varies between each one, and they're all rather selfish; necrobumping and demanding pics or loli games. I've banned a couple, but the same names were coming back before their expiration. As much as we need more people there, this isn't the kind of trash I'd want to have around.

I suspect there might be something going on, but I'm not sure what.



>I suspect there might be something going on, but I'm not sure what.

How recent is this?

There's been a shitton of drama wiith politics ecelebs over at /cow/.



I only actively use /a/, so I don't know much about the other boards.

But it's observable that the quality of /a/ temporarily drops at the start of each new season, which I assume is because of crossboarders.


Systems slowly coming back online.

Saw a new post just now. Things seem to be in order once again. For how long, I'm not sure.



About two or three days. Don't know about anything that /cow/ does.



Happenings always attract crossboarders

Always, they get shitpost heavy and are then banned only to come here like >>414487 stated.

This happens with every board.


File: 1519843116066.png (626.95 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 4ce1005924b0c7281c2b6fa90c….png)


>About two or three days

Yeah, should be some of the retards from there.

>Don't know about anything that /cow/ does

Posters there started making fun of a retard, retard has a clique, clique and other political skeptic shitters started bringing their braindead fanbase to 8chan.



When 8ch became known as the new big bad place of the internet, 4chan lost some of it's boogeyman status, so normalfags got curious, started carefully approaching and then flooded it once they learned it wasn't that bad and they could browse that safe space and get say they "browse the four channel".

Fast forward a bit, 8ch loses it's boogeyman status because the media shifted from 8chan itself into just gamergate, making braindead normalfags forget about it.

Then you get to a few months ago, two major events happened in half, image posting being blocked and the malware discovery. They needed another place to shitpost and to ask about it, so they went to the second most popular image board that they know and know that is safe: 8chan, and there you have it. They go there, see it's not as scary, start shitposting, users don't fucking bully them, they stay there, most likely still posting on reddit and half at the same time, and quality falls downhill.

Honestly, the malware thing was disgusting. They fucking flooded /tech/ (and also the dead board that is /g/ because retards) with "is it safe?" threads. People told them to fuck off at least and they went full damage control "wow, I just wanted to ask a question, this is why I don't browse this shithole, I'm leaving now. I left. Okay. I'm not here anymore. By the way, is it safe?".

Those retards literally posted "I don't care if it's just adware, I just don't want viruses". It really shows the quality of the place where the refugees come from.



>They fucking flooded /tech/ (and also the dead board that is /g/ because retards) with "is it safe?" threads. People told them to fuck off at least and they went full damage control "wow, I just wanted to ask a question, this is why I don't browse this shithole, I'm leaving now. I left. Okay. I'm not here anymore. By the way, is it safe?".

Yeah I was in those threads, spamming Libby to trigger them was pretty funny.



Smug Loli is an /a/ bunker, not an 8chan bunker.





File: 1519845184323.jpg (39.51 KB, 261x260, 261:260, 1443099354733.jpg)



I thought that the majority of them would keep posting on halfchan despite the malware like every other cultural and tech issue that popped up over the past four years like the braindead niggers they are. Can't say that I'm happy at all after hearing this.


The problem with the attention hungry games is that it would have been perfectly fine to have something similar to it back in 2014 to mid 2015 when the majority of anons did not crosspost as it would have allowed smaller boards to get sustainable activity, which was a feature nearly everyone has been saying should be added for as long as I can remember. However nowadays when 8chan barely has a cohesive identity, the events >>414522 mentioned, and can be considered halfchan 2.0, the only thing it does is nearly destroy the small boards that have a population which is almost entirely oldfags. I fucking hate how Codemonkey is pandering to these people.


File: 1519862347011.jpg (21.5 KB, 540x405, 4:3, c9f1f958989f21b2dac3c1e6d3….jpg)

>once again I leave to come back and find the wake of a shitstorm


If anybody cares, here's Codemonkey's update on what happened from about an hour ago:

>The attack is still ongoing. Our team is now manning defensive stations on 24 hour shift to mitigate the attack's effects until it stops. I've seen a lot of DDOS attacks before, but this one was different from the others.

>If you are a netsec guy, the attack is essentially a fuzz attempt on our posting systems. Someone is looking for a vulnerability in 8chan. Usually fuzz attempts are slow and come in at a trickle to avoid detection. Today's attack strangely was a fuzz attempt in huge numbers and very rapid almost like a tsunami. I've never heard of a fuzz attack on a public service in such huge numbers. It just means that whoever is attacking is either desperate, or a child who doesn't know better. Children dont usually have access to hundreds of thousands of botnet computers though.

>We will continue holding down the fort and maintaining defensive positions to respond to any changes in the attacker's patterns. If the attack manages to take the site down again, please know that we have a team of about half a dozen people working tirelessly to get everything back online so everybody can continue posting.


File: 1519870417465.png (199.16 KB, 427x497, 61:71, suffering.png)


It was the tomo-chan that did it in. The last post before 8chan died was in the tomo-chan thread. Even across the world and even in death fumita will find a way to fuck with us.



I will forever despise this man for all his evils.


File: 1519917516794.jpg (293.13 KB, 845x1200, 169:240, kenji.jpg)

And here we are again.


File: 1521512760698.png (2.18 KB, 527x70, 527:70, high quality.png)

>Time to enter captcha

>Get pic related

>Turn of all adblockers and stuff thinking 8chan is using google captcha now

>Nothing changes


Looks like we now accept blatant 4chan refugees and drug addled blog posters.


File: 1521848988765.png (119.12 KB, 1320x442, 660:221, 2018-03-24 10_47_55-_a_ - ….png)

Looks like we now accept blatant 4chan refugees and drug addled blog posters.


File: 1521855980741.png (346.24 KB, 743x484, 743:484, 07_2.png)


>sakurafish thread


Unsurprising since the whole site's going under but still sad to see what it has come to.


Seems like 8chan is struggling at the moment, at least on my end.



Yes. Worthless fucking website.


Somebody is serial bumping old threads with devoid of content posts.



He hopped IP's once after getting banned but he seems to be gone for now.


What happened to a bunch of the r/a/dio threads?


File: 1523672107951.jpg (109.7 KB, 600x856, 75:107, 1406148568942.jpg)


That was me, sorry. I felt a bit guilty about having r/a/dio threads up to October shitting up the catalog, and I wanted to keep the old ephemeral feeling of r/a/dio. I'll make more of a statement tomorrow. I hope to see you then, /a/non.


File: 1523673769449.jpg (53.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1513531875327.jpg)

>bunch of normalfag sites are acting funky since yesterday

>including halfchan, and the mothership has been rotting under the weight of rapefugees as a result

>it seems like /a/ has changed literally overnight it's been such a massive influx

>Trump organizing airstrikes against Syria; other players may or may not pussy out

>now 8ch is 502ing intermittently

>it's Friday the 13th

Get comfy, I guess?



Report any normalfags you see and just leave the rest to the meidos.


File: 1523753169130.jpg (37.55 KB, 362x346, 181:173, ん?.jpg)


>>it seems like /a/ has changed literally overnight it's been such a massive influx

Maybe its because the meido's did a good enough job at deleting normalfag threads, but even /a/ was affected yesterday?


File: 1523839684026.png (934.22 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 4dbe602bb29022d7d42c97677d….png)



File: 1523840064661.jpg (366.38 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 021e2b8932da2bb53adb852c1b….jpg)


Good test, senpai!


File: 1523908061875.png (635.92 KB, 2500x2641, 2500:2641, lewd.png)


File: 1527947974922.jpg (98.94 KB, 698x658, 349:329, 1b8cc30eac4d8f69311f8d01d5….jpg)

I expected there would be a few anons in here due to the maintenance. I suppose my expectations were a bit high.



I presume most were waiting for someone to make a post to see if people were in the bunker or not. So more anons might join within the hour.


File: 1527948535468.png (617.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 164916761f7f940eae77752785….png)


I'd wait until they shut the lights off.



If everyone just waits, no one would post.

I woke up a little bit ago, so I missed the opportunity to post a link for today's daily /loli/ anime before posting went down. Enjoy some Lucky Star while we wait, if you want!



File: 1527952018107.png (126.72 KB, 303x446, 303:446, 1463827136763.png)



File: 1527956186886.jpg (150.6 KB, 1148x760, 287:190, 1295249809584.jpg)


I'm sure at least 3 out of the 10 who post on the board are present



I've been away for most of the day, maybe other anons will post now that it is later and there's a r/a/dio on.


File: 1527978056185.png (98.3 KB, 697x248, 697:248, f2edf06c6ab48895c8c9146bb2….png)

>Site will be down for 5 hours for maintenance!

>10 hours pass

>Still down


File: 1527978474844.jpg (59.12 KB, 687x694, 687:694, oh shit nigger.jpg)


>expecting reliability from 8chan

Come on now. Don't be surprised if we have to hang out around here for a few days.


File: 1527982371865.jpg (137.42 KB, 700x394, 350:197, they say it was a gas fire.jpg)

welp, time to wait for the fire to go out




Maybe it's finally dead.



In other places it said "between 5am pst and 6pm pst".

We'll see what happens in 45 minutes.



It really brings back memories. I wish I still had all my shit from the NEXT fiasco.


File: 1527985424731.jpg (50.51 KB, 393x445, 393:445, abyss cute reading.jpg)


You can still look at the threads from that time here in the bunker.


File: 1527985598651.jpg (34.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1483252217812.jpg)


All the images have been purged, though.


File: 1527985839234.jpg (82.69 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, outcast stare2.jpg)

Well aren't you a spoiled one. Just use your memory to remember them then, you where there weren't you?



>remember every image every posted on an imageboard

You realise how stupid that sounds right?


File: 1527986975003.png (116.27 KB, 380x282, 190:141, im trash.png)


It sits at the epitome of stupidity. Withholding memories that only hold value to myself in the silence of my own reminiscence cannot be tagged as anything but stupid. But stupidity is a key feature of a dame ningen, and I happen to be not only a proper dame ningen, but also aiming for the throne as dame ningen king and building the dame ningen kingdom.



It's the volume of pictures that's stupid. It's a nigh on impossible task to remember every single image posted.



Look on the bright side at least. 8chan being down means that the bunker will get comfy for the next couple of days.


File: 1527987810887.png (293.27 KB, 804x552, 67:46, 24f9fe0612f171af00154826e8….png)


I had both this and R/a/dio open and next to each other, and didn't bother looking before I posted. How dumb of me.


File: 1527987924967.png (199.81 KB, 485x457, 485:457, 2018-04-21 20_46_16-Vol. 2….png)


File: 1527993137943.jpeg (54.75 KB, 719x719, 1:1, 07e8011dbb57941b61497956c….jpeg)


I've been asleep, glad I was considering 8ch's still down 12 hours after your post.


File: 1527996922755.png (363.79 KB, 792x792, 1:1, 1423894976346.png)

>archiving threads

>8ch goes down & all links now redirect to main page

>all saved threads' .html files now overwritten with that page

Is there something better than Chan Thread Watch?


Now instead of the redirect to the maintenance notice that it's had for most of the day, it just gives a 404.




Seems like it's coming back up. I can access some of the boards now.



I'm seeing /a/ but there's no formatting and the front page is from December 30th of last year.


File: 1527997762567.jpg (112.97 KB, 772x933, 772:933, 229fcbe63d64cc74ac7ac9880e….jpg)


>have 532 tabs open

Please do not tell me this is true. All those worthwhile threads that had good posts in them. I'll die inside.


File: 1527997790514.png (98.21 KB, 559x870, 559:870, 2018-06-03 13_48_46-_a_ - ….png)


Catalog seems dead and this is what I get otherwise.


File: 1527998093173-0.png (166.63 KB, 940x1372, 235:343, ye olde rabbit.png)

File: 1527998093173-1.jpg (377.65 KB, 630x855, 14:19, f7f9e038216a0f1986621e419e….jpg)



>Rabbit thread on the front page


I'm getting December posts and no catalog, but I do have formatting.


I also checked the top two boards. /v/'s index is still 404ing but /pol/'s is visible with up-to-date posts.


File: 1527998355086.png (42.55 KB, 737x654, 737:654, a familiar message.png)

Been a long time since I've seen this.


File: 1527998420523.png (152 KB, 1740x845, 348:169, 2018-06-03 13_59_42-_a_ - ….png)

Catalog is half back and seems recent.


File: 1527998934638.jpg (101.93 KB, 628x709, 628:709, depressed sad guilty ika s….jpg)


but no images



Did you honestly expect everything to go perfectly without issue?



Images are coming back.


File: 1527999270942.png (657.06 KB, 1739x794, 1739:794, 2018-06-03 14_13_56-_a_ - ….png)



Looks like we're getting there.


File: 1527999337814.jpg (104.97 KB, 1200x1202, 600:601, toast anticipation.jpg)


no bully pls


oh goodie


Is posting back yet?

My daily captcha expired and new ones still aren't working, but is there anyone who still has a valid one? Or were they reset?


File: 1527999903261.webm (819.49 KB, 960x720, 4:3, a sad aku.webm)


Turned out I had some saved in a separate location due to forgetting to log in to my server and running CTW without access to it's usual location. Unfortunately, I noticed this a few minutes later and stopped it. I will be able to restore about half of the threads this way but the rest are lost (except the images).



Seems like captcha is still down. I'm getting a 404 on the presolve page.



Looking through other boards, /v/ has a "what did you play during the downtime" thread so at least posting is up. Now just to wait for the captcha.


Reports are giving me a 404.


File: 1528030308644.png (439.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, acde8a0f86596a31570b52cdbd….png)

Still getting a 404 on captcha. I'm operating on 3 hours of sleep, my chest is tight, I've got a back ache like no others, my cold hasn't gone away yet, and you don't have the decency to get everything fully functional when you shut down for 5 hours of maintenance 24 hours ago? At least give me the ability to bump the /loli/ stream threads.



Yeah, I just woke up and the captcha is still not working. I may email Ron at this point. It doesn't make any sense that it only works for some people.



Captcha just worked for me a moment ago. I was able to post the latest page of Tomo-chan.



Just started working again a solid 15 seconds ago. Weird.


File: 1528120133691.png (5.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, what the hell.png)

How is posting still fucking broken it's been two days goddammit.


aaand we're down again



Do not lie.


8ch seems to be really slow right now, but it might be my connection.



There have been some posting errors as well, like threads not bumping properly and the classic flickering posts.


File: 1531612563685.jpg (16.34 KB, 421x399, 421:399, 0e08d185dca5fe969f6799979e….jpg)

It's acting up again.


File: 1531625402462.jpg (117.3 KB, 664x701, 664:701, 096bb806839abe634c4d679d45….jpg)


And it seems to be getting worse on my end at least. Hopefully ti will be resolved by tomorrow.



It is not.

Oh well. It's a sign that I should go do anki reps instead of posting on anonymous imageboards.



I was getting errors last night. Seemed like posting was down for 3 hours.


Because Neps are defective. Instead get the latest Nier model.


I'm coming here to hide. Between the power level thread, the "i enjoy anime, manga, and light novels, yet i am not a weeb" thread, and two 3D guro threads, and a few totally unusual posts in other threads something feels very wrong. I haven't used the report function this much in months.


File: 1533726768135.gif (1.57 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 2d support pat.gif)



The bunker is here for all little girls.


File: 1533767887095.png (135.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1419298136146.png)


That last rapefugee wave hit the site really hard. Smaller boards never seemed to get affected much, but I guess /v/'s and /pol/'s septic tanks have hit critical mass and it's at last starting to overflow and trickle downwards.



And it looks like they will be here for a while at least. Doesn't help that August is always the worst month quality wise.


File: 1534459764117.gif (3.58 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 986DECE5-1F83-4CF7-BEEB-6E….gif)


>who would do such a thing


It's happening again.


File: 1535832001527.jpeg (49.19 KB, 1024x419, 1024:419, serveimage.jpeg)


It's never going to stop.



It's not stopping even now.


>Error 502



Fuck that pig farm shithole site


File: 1537404359863.jpg (55.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1509067082.jpg)

What the hell has been wrong with the site these past few weeks? Threads are randomly giving me errors when I open them and half the time I have to post a reply twice before it'll actually go through.



I just got an alacrity daemon error on a post a few minutes ago. I haven't had one of those in a long time, at least two years I think.

And of course the fucking nonstop 500-series errors.


File: 1537405015689.mp4 (18.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alacrity demon-lcGG6cOu-co.mp4)


>alacrity daemon

Is it 2016 again?



I've been noticing a lot of 503s. I haven't seen the alacrity daemon, but posting is slow as mole asses.


It feels like the errors have gotten really bad tonight so I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up leading to the bunker becoming more active over the next few days.



Not just the errors, but other bugs too. I've noticed the catalog not updating thread order and post count correctly, and there's been that old bug where posts can get "stuck" until another post gets made in the same thread.

>>435050 is right; it feels like we're back in 2016.



Every time shit like this happens, my tinfoil starts tingling.



Maybe Ron is slowing down the website slowly on purpose so he can garner support when he announces Infinity Next 2: Electric Boogaloo (this time with less Josh).


File: 1537524142608.jpg (34.78 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mpv-shot0054.jpg)

How are my comfy lolis doing?


File: 1537573912239.jpg (633.13 KB, 3024x3024, 1:1, 0615d386e8dbbba666178fb5af….jpg)

Starting to see cloudshare snapshots now; had some trouble getting stuff to load beforehand. I guess that server transition didn't go so smooth.


Nervous, depressed, angry, disgusted, anxious, indignant, lost, confused.



Doing well but things could be better.


File: 1537582129699.png (352.62 KB, 1251x700, 1251:700, cyan on the computer.png)

Why can't 8ch just work?


It was good all day, but two or three hours ago I started getting 503s again.


File: 1538533545203.jpg (68.66 KB, 720x384, 15:8, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

I was honestly surprised that halfchan being down even affected /a/ today, but at least the thread was deleted before it got out of hand. I was worried the recent flood from those fags was going to spill over to /a/.


Cloudflare issues everywhere. This is unending.



You don't ever need to worry about that. People who still remain on 4chan are addicted to super fast replies and will naturally just get repelled by 8chan as a whole because of that.



Pretty much this. The only reason people are still there is because it's faster. We're better in nearly every way.

But I have noticed some irregularities since. I hope they can acclimate soon.



As a halfchan pass user I would say that it’s gonna be dead soon.

8ch is like 4chan in the old days and thats it’s charm.



>halfchan pass user

But why?



Sounds more like mewch to me.


File: 1540037951815.jpg (216.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

And it's done again.


Here we are again.

Whom did 8chan piss off this time?


Man, glad I wasn't the only one.

Stream will be up early today.


File: 1540213279091.png (945.79 KB, 1126x606, 563:303, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.PNG)

Board is still FUCKED


File: 1540650061644.png (252.07 KB, 600x780, 10:13, ClipboardImage.png)

8chan seems to be being particularly shitty today.

Please enjoy this soggy Naru in the mean time.



Glad its not just me


File: 1540658020335.png (273.42 KB, 866x764, 433:382, e2c1174e05a6f439c190ee6367….png)

>Currently Under Attack


File: 1540678365985.png (189.7 KB, 756x626, 378:313, loli rude.png)

I'll have to remind you that smugloli is an /a/ bunker. Unrelated content, besides 8chan's status being up or down, is not welcome.


File: 1540812251975.png (75.95 KB, 998x794, 499:397, 2a61f1974fad1071f66ad3f8b0….png)

Can't load 8chan again.


File: 1544660331210.jpeg (71.7 KB, 679x679, 1:1, 9218795173a5f270008c3c31e….jpeg)

Been getting a lot of 502s lately. Halfway expecting the site to be down for a few hours.


File: 1545322506221.jpg (233.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Chyuu-PAS] Shoujo☆Kageki ….jpg)



File: 1546093051665.jpg (50.96 KB, 401x270, 401:270, e514289af6666bdde64ccbe9f1….jpg)

Can't seem to post at all.


522 everywhere.



You'd think there'd be more people in the bunker. This is what it's for, after all.


File: 1546100367732.jpg (196.34 KB, 1000x833, 1000:833, c83ac97e00bfb3374d27e443eb….jpg)

Time to take it easy in the bunker.


Ron said there's been an unusual power outage, things will be down for the next few hours.


File: 1546101338322.png (9.48 KB, 237x113, 237:113, ron.png)


File: 1546102223249.jpg (82.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, __asakura_ryouko_suzumiya_….jpg)

Were you hanging out in the bunker waiting for someone to post? Go do your reps anon.


File: 1546102502048.mp4 (4.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-12-29_08-52-05.mp4)


This rep is torture


Well this sucks.


Well, on the bright side, it's between seasons, so the board would be relatively slow anyway.


File: 1546104243342.mp4 (7.68 MB, 480x270, 16:9, [Doki] Mahou Shoujo Lyrica….mp4)


Go watch Nanoha


File: 1546104390866.jpg (498.46 KB, 1200x1060, 60:53, d3915558cd26c6b41aa380b040….jpg)


Unfortunately I was going to make the rabbit thread this morning.


File: 1546104432774.gif (2.6 MB, 515x479, 515:479, 7dec23130c29d21cd3dab6d0f6….gif)

It took me way too long to realize that 8chan is having issues today.



Wow, I guess the timing really was perfect then.



Says you. I'm actually catching up on the last few episodes.


File: 1546105468181.png (1.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, COOL_TIME.png)

>An anime based off of a manga where a guy called 'Goblin Slayer' goes around and kills Goblins

>Its even called; Goblin Slayer

>Shows how bad things really get when the party wipes

>Its not all fun and games


<"B-but feel bad for the Golbin Chillins he kills!"

What the fuck is this? Pig Squels? Sad music? God damnit, you see what those thing do to people?! I get that its supposed to be tramatic for the Priestess, but making the viewer feel sorry for the monsters"? Then they hint; "Oh, well, maybe not all goblins are bad?" Are you fucking kidding me? Why not give it anothe name, like some generic Fantasy name? Why call it; "Gobling Slayer," when you try to make the notion that, at some point, Goblins are OK?? It's like calling 'Berzerk' : 'Caring' and making the final part be about how Griffith isn't fucking evil and that he dindu nothin wrong! What sort of bi-polar thinking is this? This shouldn't be complicated! Its called; Goblin Slayer, its about a guy going around killing Goblins because they are fucking monsters that should be erraticated. Not: "Hey guys, we know that these thingas are monsters, but, maybe we're the real monsters."? Right?" Okay, if you're going that way, then call it something else! Or maybe make the Goblin Slayer the bad guy? Don't pull this fucking shit out and expect it to make sense, or even be good!



Quality post


Oh no, I'm having an incredible urge to buy Yakisoba. It's more important than rent, right?



Go get katsudon from your local nip restaurant instead, you won't have to eat for 3 days


File: 1546106624170.png (339.3 KB, 1172x556, 293:139, maou sama.png)


Katsu Don?

Sounds evil.


File: 1546111302886.gif (2.67 MB, 540x540, 1:1, goblin slayer cat.gif)

I finished Goblin Slayer. It was an okay final episode. Not particularly keen for a second season considering the quality of the adaptation. It was a pretty uninteresting show overall.


File: 1546114862173-0.jpg (167.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Anima Yell! - ….jpg)

File: 1546114862173-1.jpg (124.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Anima Yell! - ….jpg)

File: 1546114862173-2.jpg (114.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Anima Yell! - ….jpg)

File: 1546114862173-3.jpg (112.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Anima Yell! - ….jpg)

File: 1546114862174-4.jpg (125.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Anima Yell! - ….jpg)

>When they look at the viewer in the eye and beg you for S2.

This happened with Stella no Mahou, too.



Hopefully it works, I'd like to watch a S2 of both anima yell and stella.


File: 1546120430363.jpg (108.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1387938067700.jpg)

Looks like all the images have been purged.



Sure looks that way. Restoration must not be complete. Do newly posted images show up?


I didn't even notice that 8ch was dead until an hour ago.



Wasn't even aware new images could be put up, I thought posting is disabled.


File: 1546125643896-0.png (682.3 KB, 1263x893, 1263:893, 48670ffec0f763e88fd8e10eb4….png)

File: 1546125643896-1.jpg (107.29 KB, 850x645, 170:129, eea199e9a5baf41b8c650bb00d….jpg)

File: 1546125643896-2.jpg (687.82 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, 10aafc94515a2261efe43d23ee….jpg)

File: 1546125643896-3.png (859.21 KB, 1221x1609, 1221:1609, e0327d668e1fac8483defa643e….png)

I need something to fap to. Preferably an h-game of some kind.


File: 1546127284876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.71 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ123426_img_main.jpg)


I'd suggest going with Lily Knight Saga, which got translated last week. You can get it from one of the provided links in https://pastebin.com/Q6aDUFHA and the VX Ace RTP platform from http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages if you don't already have it.


File: 1546128480753.jpg (421.51 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, ccdf8e0a7d8576648002fb9dc7….jpg)


I'll give it (and a couple of the others there) a try, thanks.


Scheduled maintanence once again.

On a side note, anyone got 2018's christmas card?


Well on the bright side it's one less distraction from me working on my game.


File: 1546131794129.png (697.6 KB, 1124x1600, 281:400, fag.png)


File: 1546132143436.png (751.65 KB, 910x1300, 7:10, b0cfec91b6d669f7b85f511a71….png)


N-no bully please.



We came here to watch you be lonely



We're here for you.


If you're working on your backlog, ignore.

Who wants to listen to music?


8chan's running again!



File: 1546144386717.png (68.47 KB, 570x411, 190:137, Botan3.PNG)

You're all a bunch of fucking faggots. Good night and I hope you all are having a great fucking evening. Shitheads.


And I'm starting to get 503 errors.


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