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File: 1493214395203-0.gif (101.9 KB, 758x696, 379:348, remi.gif)

File: 1493214395204-1.jpg (58.94 KB, 959x750, 959:750, book devouring shitrabbit.JPG)


/a/ is down again which means it's comfy bunker time.

Let us build a pillow fort of cozy pictures and music.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme.


File: 1493214818017-0.jpg (128.77 KB, 850x664, 425:332, __admiral_and_tama_kantai_….jpg)

File: 1493214818017-1.jpg (135.04 KB, 850x599, 850:599, __akiyama_yukari_girls_und….jpg)

File: 1493214818018-2.jpg (81.18 KB, 850x567, 850:567, __alpaca_suri_jaguar_and_s….jpg)


File: 1493215263569.jpg (34.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ^E40F8BC3233A7923E718F809F….jpg)

It seems as though some of the boards are working and others aren't.


File: 1493215331010-0.jpg (775.88 KB, 744x998, 372:499, __akatsuki_hibiki_ikazuchi….jpg)

File: 1493215331010-1.jpg (137.46 KB, 850x664, 425:332, __ikazuchi_kantai_collecti….jpg)

File: 1493215331010-2.jpg (52.89 KB, 850x531, 850:531, __original_drawn_by_syego_….jpg)

What anime have you been watching this season?

I've only been watching Hinako Note and Sakura Quest, but I'll probably pick up more.


File: 1493215605419-0.png (1.34 MB, 1032x1373, 1032:1373, __boko_nishizumi_miho_and_….png)

File: 1493215605419-1.jpg (1.53 MB, 1462x1356, 731:678, __chen_hakurei_reimu_kiris….jpg)

File: 1493215605419-2.jpg (112.87 KB, 835x595, 167:119, __konpaku_youmu_touhou_dra….jpg)


Yeah none of the big boards seem to work for me.


File: 1493216170768.jpg (53.65 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 7a7315e57805bb0577f77558f8….jpg)

The catalog redirects to the index now, so I guess it will be short before the site is fixed. Guess it will be a while before the bunker gets comfy again like it did at the beginning of the month.


File: 1493216369681-0.jpg (65.66 KB, 466x736, 233:368, __flandre_scarlet_and_serv….jpg)

File: 1493216369681-1.jpg (44.68 KB, 466x736, 233:368, __kaban_and_remilia_scarle….jpg)

File: 1493216369681-2.jpg (53.26 KB, 466x736, 233:368, __lucky_beast_and_patchoul….jpg)


It's "working" now, but it seems like posts that show up on the front page aren't there when you go into their threads.


Guess it's working again(?).


File: 1493314477749.jpg (93.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3298.jpg)

I don't even know when the new meido started on /a/ but it's like a shitposter holocaust from the complaints on /ameta/. I think that means the head meido chose well. I love you /a/!


File: 1493343088045.jpg (52.76 KB, 371x332, 371:332, check on your maid-liness.jpg)


I'm sure /a/'s future will be brighter now that the meido team has gotten bigger and cuter.

The interviews probably went like pic related.

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