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File: 1509230951756.png (236.07 KB, 1143x851, 1143:851, 1503492502980.png)

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おかえり, /a/!

Hope you made it here safely, and welcome to a full of good spoopy music, good friends, and smug lolis. Grab some snacks, some drinks, a daki, a blanket, and settle in for the night.

To connect, use this .m3u link:


Or, you can connect using:


This will be a vaguely Halloween-themed S/a/turday, so /r/s are open if they're somewhat vaguely related. Regular /r/s are fine too I guess.

Do keep in mind that most of the Halloween stuff will come later in the night, when the train arrives at Scarlet Devil Mansion. There'll be no depression block, kinda.

Anyways, how's the season treating you? Any surprises? I had to pick up Net-juu after it became surprisingly comfy and alcoholic.

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File: 1509249113150.jpg (57.1 KB, 640x911, 640:911, 0d412f454cef6726fc0aa28868….jpg)



I just miss Mari on this pic.


File: 1509249308792.jpg (152.97 KB, 1920x814, 960:407, [UTW-THORA] Evangelion 3.3….jpg)

The Rebuild movies have really good cinematography and all sorts of weird shit, even if they take the original concept of Eva and just bend it over a table. Whenever Anno says that it was the version he wanted to create all along if he had the money and technology, I'm thankful for the 90s.



I like the rebuild, but even Anno don't know what he wants.



>Whenever Anno says that it was the version he wanted to create all along if he had the money and technology

If this is the version he wanted then he should just release 4.0 on us so we can talk about how dumb it is.



Mari isn't real.


File: 1509249527996.jpg (1.73 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, [2D4U]Neon_Genesis_Evangel….jpg)



Whatever happens, at least the new 1080p BD version came out really nicely.



She is to good for that world.



No. Mari is shit. She is everything bad about rebuild.



She is a best version of Shinji without dick.


File: 1509250065639.jpg (169.74 KB, 782x1023, 782:1023, 8b25ef30db16aa1ec5eec4307c….jpg)





File: 1509250169165.jpg (39.17 KB, 642x473, 642:473, 1469331982876.jpg)

Now is the time for tumbling.


File: 1509250187392.jpg (141.57 KB, 960x1015, 192:203, 1416928166965.jpg)


File: 1509250217249.gif (1.65 MB, 500x430, 50:43, shinji.gif)


Tumbling Down


File: 1509250297121.jpg (68.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1421647252396-1.jpg)


File: 1509250297246.gif (196.89 KB, 838x450, 419:225, 1483251405122.gif)

It all returns to nothing

Tumbling down

Tumbling down

Tumbling down

Tumbling down


File: 1509250337575.gif (1.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, end of 4chan.gif)


File: 1509250355824.jpg (16.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1483251240376.jpg)


File: 1509250436963.png (306.28 KB, 561x640, 561:640, What's done is done it fee….png)



Everything is tang now.


File: 1509250549313.jpg (126.04 KB, 1024x734, 512:367, cirno tumbling down.jpg)


I thought we wouldn't have depression block. ;_;



It's to remind you what the most frightening thing is.


File: 1509250850714.jpeg (141.28 KB, 1040x400, 13:5, 6be7cd0e01459695230fda289….jpeg)




File: 1509250922162.jpg (164.81 KB, 375x550, 15:22, single tear.jpg)

No, not this song goddammit.


File: 1509250981062.jpg (34.74 KB, 558x558, 1:1, 39787c05085a0bb366261b626e….jpg)


Who needs jump scares when you can have existential dread.


File: 1509250989732.jpg (17.67 KB, 238x255, 14:15, 1508673640510.jpg)


Depression blocks are my favourite.


File: 1509251101250.png (518.92 KB, 639x557, 639:557, megumin.png)


It's okay! The alcohol makes me immune (for now)!


File: 1509251130466.gif (1.83 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1481413112819.gif)


File: 1509251154863-0.png (121.65 KB, 734x660, 367:330, 1468747439734-2.png)

File: 1509251154863-1.gif (2.16 MB, 850x478, 425:239, 1396206169910.gif)

I'd like to think that headpats will make everything daijoubu.


File: 1509251164061.jpg (119.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Haruka suffering.jpg)

Over already…


File: 1509251182669.jpg (210.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1426313128600.jpg)

Thanks for the stream!



>that second image

Dear God, this is really sad.


File: 1509251242638.jpg (560.24 KB, 705x1025, 141:205, 062.jpg)

Night /a/ see you November 11th. I am gonna try and get some writing done.


File: 1509251280007.png (368.55 KB, 619x619, 1:1, 1504706458262.png)

Well, thanks again for another enjoyable night. I can never quite understand what makes halloween music halloween music, and neither do a lot of Jap musicians, so I hope that was alright. We actually had the highest number of listeners in a long while where the fuck did you all come from so that was interesting.

Thanks again for a fun night, and I hope you all enjoyed it. Claud might do another stream on the 31st, so watch out for it. Then I'll do one on the 11th unless someone else streams on the 4th.

Until then, stay safe, stay away from 3DPD, and stay comfy. Winter is upon us, so bundle up!



File: 1509251303787.png (1.48 MB, 1413x1060, 1413:1060, __yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_….png)


Sweet dreams.



Thanks for the stream KFist.


File: 1509251346166.jpg (136.15 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_mi….jpg)


Thanks KFist.


File: 1509251352963.png (1.01 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, wakako worry.png)

>Halloween stream

>Less posts and lower energy than the last normal r/a/dio thread last time

What does this means?


File: 1509251364029.gif (349.62 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1508247918598.gif)


I wasn't able to make the last two streams but thanks for putting this on!!


File: 1509251374942.jpg (858.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5fe888012e74016e0fe79189e0….jpg)


Thanks for stream KFist.

Sweet dreams for every cute girls still up.


File: 1509251384238.jpg (87.65 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1432580036280.jpg)


Thanks for streaming, see you in a few weeks!


Ganbare, Sanaefag!


File: 1509251384560.gif (1.82 MB, 709x625, 709:625, 9df1a7e48d22bfc72661e3f867….gif)


>I'd like to think

Why just think? It's a well established fact they do.


Thanks for the stream KFist, it was fun. And goodnight to all you cute girls. Sleep snug and smug, try not to have any nightmares.



Thanks for the stream KFist. I liked it, I don't really know what halloween music should be beside scary so I think you did a good job. Good night to /a/, and I hope we meet again next stream.



Most of music are comfier so this made anons more calm.



Thanks for the stream KFist. Night.



This will be very late but thanksfor the stream KFist, seems like I fell asleep from my drinks.

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