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File: 1515138761399.jpg (9.76 MB, 4960x7015, 992:1403, 08a5450b9e2667d7fc4e50c71e….jpg)


I've seen a couple CYOAs on /a/ and there were a lot of anons interested, though both of those ended up being just some fag copying an old CYOA and quitting when people chose a different choice than the one the writer went with, so might as well try one.

I've written a couple before, though I've never finished one, I'm not that good at it and I have no idea where I'm going with this, so there's that.

The bright sunlight awakes you from your slumber. You try to fight it by turning and tossing, but to no avail. You are already wide awake.

You give up and open your eyes, the foreign room comes into your sight.

It's a small square room. The ground as wooden, as is the the only door and the cabinet at the side of the bed. The rest of the room is painted in a white color, the sunlight coming through the window makes the room blinding bright.

You look around and try to remember where you are, or at least how you got here, but neither information seems to be in your brain, you only know a couple things about yourself.

Your name is Anon and you are a NEET. The last thing you remember was receiving your package from an UPS girl.

You try to check your pockets for anything that might help you remember, but your pants are gone.

Looking at your body, it seems the pants aren't the only thing missing.

Your body has shrunk considerably, you have long hair with a darkish orange color, and it seems you are now a woman, your breasts even increased a bit.

All you are wearing is a large white shirt that covers up to your knees, and plain white panties. You can almost hide yourself on the wall.

-What do you do?-


Masturbate. Then explore the room for clues.


I remember some CYOA back in 2015 where you were a guy in a dormitory with a bunch of different girls. At least I think it was a dormitory. It was some kind of school setting at least.

Look in the cabinet for more panties.



I think I remember it, wasn't it just some random house?

Did it ever get finished? I stopped following the thread once the guy stopped updating for a while.



I think you're right it was just a random house. It was basically the usual setup you see in harem manga. I don't think it was ever finished, it just died quietly once the guy stopped writing new posts. I wonder if this is one of the ones that OP is referring too.


Look in a mirror. Get on a scale. Measure your new body. Check to see how much cash you have. If you find debit or credit cards in your wallet, try to remember your PIN and signature. You're going to need new clothes and money.

I remember the last CYOA thread where that fag was copying existing stories and did not accept any deviation from the prewritten story.


File: 1515192377251.png (194.12 KB, 562x405, 562:405, Anon.png)




You don't know where you are , in fact, you don't even know if you really are here, for all you know this could be a dream, or even an hallucination. The only thing you know is that you need to enjoy this opportunity.

You sit back on the bed and slide your panties off, you are already a bit wet. You slowly slide a hand down your body, taking your time to savor your own body.

Your fingers are small, but so is the rest of your body. You slowly insert the first finger, fighting against the resistance, then finally the second one.

You use your other hand to grope your small breasts, your nipples already hard.

Every small movement of either of your hands makes your body quiver in pleasure. Your slim belly moves up and down with your ragged breath and a moan escapes your lips. You turn around and burry your head in the pillow, to muffle the next ones.

With your hips now in the air, slightly dancing against the movement of your hands. Your movements gradually get faster and faster, causing your legs tremble in pleasure as they struggle to keep your lower body up.

You inch closer and closer, until finally you orgasm. Your legs give in to the pleasure and you lay in the bed, basking in the afterglow of a pleasure you have never felt before.

After a few minutes of laying down your breath goes back to normal, as does your body. You leave your white panties on top of the bed and decide to look around the room.

You first look under the bed, but there's only dust. With nowhere else to search, you turn to the cabinet and open the first of three drawers.

The first drawer has three panties, a white one with pink strawberries all around, one stripped in white and light blue, and a lewd black one. Behind the panties is a single box of band-aids.

The second self has a few clothes, a white summer dress, jeans shorts, a black crop top, an "I love canada shirt", a blue jacket, and a couple skirts.

The last drawer only has a small square mirror and a few hair ties.

You take the mirror and look at yourself.

Your eyes are a dark shade of brown, almost the same color as the lighter brown freckles that run along your nose bridge and out into your cheeks.

To be honest, you are quite cute.

-What do you do?-

Gelbooru ID of the original image since crops are impossible to find: 2279909


File: 1515192730899.jpg (154.92 KB, 840x1140, 14:19, __kujou_karen_kin_iro_mosa….jpg)

Look out the window to get a view of my surroundings, and if I can assess where I am. After that check all the cabinets for any notes or useful items that could help me determine my identity or location. I then exit through the door and try to see if there are any other people around, and if not try to find an escape as quickly as possible.



Put on the white strawberry panties and white summer dress, assuming it is warm outside. Also put your hair in twintails tied at the base of your skull. If its cold outside wear a skirt, crop top, and jacket. Let your hair go straight. Wear shoes you can run in. Regardless of season clean yourself up a bit. Combing your hair, washing your face, and moisturizing your skin are all important. If there is a TV, radio or other communication device in the room. Turn them on and figure out where you are and the date. If there are any room keys and money take them and go outside.


File: 1515196305377.jpg (228.86 KB, 850x1138, 425:569, __original_drawn_by_xiaosa….jpg)


You put on the shimapan panties, along with the jean shorts, black crop top, and the jacket unzipped in case it is cold outside. You tie your hair up into twintails, just so it doesn't get in the way in case you have to do any physical activities. Look out the window to try to determine the time of day, and see if there are any familiar landmarks that you can use to try to orient yourself with. If not, try to find the nearest police station to determine what city or district you are in. Before you leave try to find if there is any food, and if there isn't, if there is any money to go and buy food. After that try to find the nearest UPS depot and start figuring out who that mysterious girl who dropped off the package was, and if possible the contents of the package.


File: 1515196354435-0.jpg (191.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, momokuri ummeasurable lewd.jpg)

File: 1515196354435-1.jpg (105.3 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, kino loli stare.jpg)


Assessment of the situation:

Since there is dust under the bed, then whoever brought me here didn't expect to use the room themselves. The panties drawer may mean that there is another girl in the house or that someone prepared them for you. Keep in mind checking for more dust in the house to confirm if it's inhabited and other signs of people in the house such as noises.

Next actions:

Put on the lewd black pantsu, a skirt, the black crop top and the jacket. Tie my hair in a ponytail with a hair tie. Then gather the strawberry pantsu, another skirt, the band-aids box and the remaining hair ties, put them on the bed blanket and wrap it up to carry it with me as inventory. Keep the mirror on hand and use it to peek around corners after exiting the room. Finally proceed to explore the house.


File: 1515301050199.gif (857.15 KB, 384x288, 4:3, gallery_1969_834_634354.gif)





Deciding to first scout the area around, you get up on the bed and take a peek through the window.

It seems you are in the second floor of a two floor house. Around the house there's a tall stone wall. You can see over it, but it seems to almost completely cover the first floor from the outside.

The room seems to be at the side of the house, allowing you to see the streets. It appears to be early morning, the sun is just rising and there's no one outside.

There are a few houses around, but the windows and doors are closed.

The silence seems almost oppressive, not even the birds are singing.

You get down from the bed and decide to get dressed.

The sundress fits snugly on your body. Practically, it's not much different form the shirt you wore before, but it's cute, and so are your strawberry pattern panties and your orange hair, now neatly tied into two twin tails, though slightly messy.

There are no shoes nor sandals anywhere in sight, you have to choice but to walk barefoot.

You take a few of the remaining clothes and items from the cabinet and place them on top of the blanket. The black panties, a skirt, the box of band-aids and the hair ties.

The blanket is still a bit wet from earlier, but there's no way to clean it.

You wrap the blanket around your belongings and sling it around your back. There's nothing heavy in it, so you can safely carry your bag with one hand.

Taking the mirror in your free hand, you go explore the house.

Using your mirror to peek around corners and tactically rolling into blind spots, you successfully sneak your way around the entire building.

The two floor house is completely empty, you are the only one in it.

The second floor some rooms and a small bathroom. The room you were in, a large one full of books, and a third one, completely empty.

The first floor has a larger bathroom with a bathtub, a living room and a kitchen and a dining room, separated by a counter.

After exploring the house you go back up to the second floor bathroom. You wash your face and take the brush you saw there and brush your hair, tying it back into twin tails afterwards.

Now neatly groomed, you go down to the first floor and look around in the kitchen.

The freezer is filled with various types of meat, and the refrigerator under it is filled with sausages, vegetables and fruits.

There are some cabinets next to the fridge supported by another countertop. On top of it there are some different types of bread, under it, instant ramen and some sweets.

The countertop between you and the dining room only has some condiments, over it, you can see a backpack laying on top of the dining room couch.


-What do you do?-

Since we don't have dice here, I rolled on random.org to choose between the clothes. I'll do it every time there's two or more conflicting choices.

Also, I accidentally googled "loli peeking" to get this pic, so there goes the last list I wasn't on.


File: 1515301178884.jpg (90.17 KB, 576x512, 9:8, cb6f24c6fd3028732c4e0782ff….jpg)


Also, thanks for leaving animated thumbnails, Meidos.

I probably said it a couple times already, but whenever I see them I'm reminded of how nice they look.


File: 1515306114613.jpg (240.77 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, guruguru lost which way.jpg)


Take a look at the book titles in the library room to see if I recognize any of the titles or if they even seem like books that would be made in the world I remember. Look for some sort of map or landscape related books.

Eat the instant ramen and some of the food to fill my belly. Use the bread and the other ingredients to make sandwiches for later. Save the sweets for later as well. If there is pepper among the condiments take it as well for self defense purposes.

Check if there anything inside the backpack. Then move the blanket contents to the backpack. Wash the blanket in the bathroom and put it the backpack as well. I might need to sleep outside soon after all or use it as camouflage.

Proceed to explore the surrounding exteriors.



Check the backpack for items and put what we have in our blanket in there, along with any non-perishable food items.

Check the empty room on the second floor for anything noticeable. Specifically: creaky boards, places where there is no dust, mismatches in the floor patterns. Any of these could indicate a secret compartment there.

Finally, take a quick bath to wash off the sweat from earlier.



Make some food since you are there. Sausage, vegetables and bread sounds good. After eating look in the library for any books of interest. Look in the backpack for anything of interest. If there is nothing of value in there, put our stuff in the backpack along with non-perishable food and anything you can bring with you for short term food. Search the kitchen for any of the following: knives, scissors, steel wool, flashlights, batteries, flint. If you find any of these take them. Is there a basement in this house? Might be worth looking into. Check if the doors to the outside are locked. If they are locked its likely the keys are with someone who could come back. If the doors are unlocked, someone could be in this house with us.


File: 1515460755772.jpg (1.26 MB, 2865x3959, 2865:3959, 313f5cc94d57b480e4ad78248e….jpg)




You look around and find a frying pan, which you use to fry the sausages.

While it's frying you look around the kitchen for any kind of food you can take with you. You manage to find a thermos bottle and a can opener.

As soon as the sausage is done you put in the middle of a loaf of break, along with some vegetables. It tastes pretty good and enough to satisfy your hunger.

You go to the dining room and cautiously open the backpack.

It seems to be completely empty, but it's still useful.

You get everything you have on the blanket and put it on the backpack, along with the can opener, a couple cups of instant ramen, some loafs of bread and vegetables neatly wrapped in a plastic wrapping, candy, pepper, and a thermos, now filled with hot boiling water.

You take the backpack with you to the bathroom, just in case, and start undressing. You need to take a bath before leaving.

As you undress, you can't help but stare at your own body, you're not sure if you're ever going to get used to this.

You hope in the shower with the blanket and take a quick bath, doing your best to wash the blanket.

After the bath you get dressed back in your summer dress and decide to look around while your hair is drying.

First you try the room with the books.

There are various books, but they're mostly encyclopedias, cooking books and shady books about magic. Not a single book has an author you recognize, thought it's not like you've ever been a big reader.

Next is the shady looking empty room.

You look through every nook and cranny, but the only thing you can find is a single ripped piece of paper with pink lines going through, seems like it was ripped straight out of the corner of a notebook. Three blue words written in neat cursive writing adorn the end of the last line, "forget the room.".

You think there's more to the paper, but you can't find anything looking around the house.

Deciding to take a look outside the house before leaving, you go to the front door.

The door is locked, but the keys are on a corner table right next to it.

You take the key and try the back door. It's also locked, yet you're the only one inside.

You unlock the back door and leave the house.

The backyard only has some towels drying on a rope and nothing else of interest.

-What do you do?-


File: 1515466491209.png (2.18 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, lance loli with a stick.png)


Snatch a towel and the rope and put them in my backpack. Make my way to the front door. On the way there, stop by the kitchen and grab the matches/lighter I used to cook, if so was the case, also take the frying pan with me. Take one of the books to use as fuel in case I need to make a fire outside and grab the mysterious piece of paper.

Check that the windows and doors are locked, take the keys and leave out the front door. For now the house is my loli fort.


File: 1515569389948.gif (1010.33 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 6e3cdd5bba1e2d8d674d3dabd6….gif)


On the back of the piece of paper, make a sketch of the room, just for safekeeping. Take a towel from outside and put it in your backpack, along with the rope that the towels were hanging on. Start looking through the books to see if there are any more clues to be found, and take a cookbook to the kitchen, to use when making dinner or lunch. Also try to find a way to unlock the front door, just in case anything happens and you need to get out of the house, if no household items can be used, try resorting to the magical book to see if there are any spells to help unlock the door.



Take the towels inside just in case it starts to rain and put one in your backpack. If you have a knife or can untie the rope then take the rope. If there is a tall fence in the backyard then leave through the front door, if there is no fence or an easily climbable fence then leave that way. Regardless of how we leave, lock the front and back doors.


File: 1515841851038.jpg (639.75 KB, 1284x1000, 321:250, Hachikuji.Mayoi.full.16796….jpg)




You take the towels from the rope and place all but one on top of the couch, taking the last with you inside your bag.

The rope is tied tight, but you manage to untie it with a bit of difficulty. You tie the rope around itself and put it inside your bag as well.

Walking back inside, you lock the backdoor behind you.

You have some unfinished business in the library, so you climb back up and decide to take a look at the books.Taking a stop along you way, you go back into the empty room and grab the note, you might need it later.

The library seems huge from your low point of view, but you still manage to find your way around. You don't lose much time before you've gathered a few simple looking cooking books.

You still need another book, just for the paper in it's pages this time, not it's contents. You take the first book that catches your eye, some shady looking dark purple with a faded bright purple pentagram on the front.

You put the magic book on top of the others and take them with you on top of your little arms. The books are surprisingly light for how thick they seem.

You place the cooking books on a counter in the kitchen and prepare your bag with supplies.

After a bit of carefully organizing some stuff, and forcefully stuffing others, you manage to fit it all in.

In goes a frying pan, a matchbox and a shady looking black magic book, along with everything that is already there.

The house is comfy and makes you feel safe, but you can't stay here forever, you need to explore this land like you explored your body, maybe even more.

You make sure everything is locked and secure and unlock the front door. The bright light the backyard wall covered is now unleashed in front of your eyes, you stop for a second to let your eyes get used to the light.

The streets you behold seem familiar, but the sense of familiarity quickly fades. The Asiatic looking street isn't familiar, rather, generic. You've seen if thousands of times, thought now is the first you see it for real.

Before you get lost in your thoughts, you quickly move away from the house and out on the street.

It isn't long before you hear a door being closed a bit too close behind your back. You instantly hide in an alley and stalk the creature that passes. It seems to be just a simple girl, or rather, a simple beautiful girl.

The girl sports a single loose ponytail, letting her jet black bangs naturally fall over her face.

Her breasts aren't big for her size, but certainly bigger than yours. Her hips, however, make you understand the adjective "child-birthing".

She is stunningly beautiful, though, now that you think about it, so are you.

You observe the girl as she draws closer and closer.

She doesn't seems to have noticed you.

-What do you do?-

Also, hiatus

I'll be without internet for a while, so I probably won't be able to post until next month. See you then, fags.

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Call out to her. Maybe she can tell us where we are. Obviously come out of the alley when you call out to her. No need to scare the only other living creature so found.



Zip up our jacket. Then circle around in front of her and sit on a bench by the nearest bathroom where she'll pass by us. Then as she passes by slowly unzip our jacket and say "yaranaika?" Roll to seduce.


File: 1517708136511.png (573.23 KB, 839x577, 839:577, Untitled.png)



The girl is the only alive being you have seen since you got here, you can't risk scaring her away.

First you need to leave the alleyway, you saw a park before going into hiding, maybe you could go there and wait for her.

The best way to make a person relax is to be relaxed yourself, you can do just that.

You stealthily spy and stalk the lone girl, carefully making your way around her, straight into the park.

As you arrive on the park you know you need to hurry, the girl will soon be here and you don't want the prey to watch the hunter set the trap.

Sitting on a bench facing the street, you open the backpack and look for the jacket. Unfortunately, you left it home, but you can make do.

You close the backpack and hide it underneath the bench.

Looking out into the street, you patiently waiting for the victim like a sniper, except you have already lost your rifle.

Your eyes are relaxed, so is your sitting position. The public bathroom behind you only contributes to the non-threatening atmosphere.

Not even a minute passes before the girl arrives. Your eyes lock onto her and your plan is set in motion.

With the best charming voice you can manage you engage the target.

"Yaranai ka?"

The flushed girl looks around confused.

"E-excuse me?"

As you realize your plan is about to fail you quickly change your strategy, you break eye contact, look down and say in a calmer, yet just as seductive, voice.

"Do you want to…. with me?"

"W-want to what!?"

Her high pitched yelp of pain shakes you down to the core. Your pain has failed, you are painfully aware of it. Yet, you can't just let it end, you need to keep going. You won't let yourself die in silence, you'll fall shooting!

With no time to think or plan you blurt out the first thing that comes into your mind.

"D-do you want to sex!?"



Your brain finally processes the conversation you are having, you blush profusely as you notice the words coming out of your mouth.

"B-but I'm not that pretty, even my breasts are s-small…."

Her voice trails off as the girl looks straight down into the ground.

-What do you do?-

ID's 3890090



Did it work? Is she actually interested in public bathroom yuri? If so, tell her she is cute, her face, hair, and breasts are all cute. Be bold, take her hand, and lead her into the bathroom. Don't give her a chance to think too much. Get info from her like the her name, date, and where you are while doing lewd things with her. Feel free to extract panties for safe keeping. We need someone to act as our tour guide, pet, and informant. Since shes cute being the romantic interest is fine too.

If she doesn't fall for it, go for plan B. Molest her to get a phone from her. She already thinks we are some kind of pervert so may as well lie in the grave that has been dug.


File: 1517786384835.png (74.38 KB, 342x254, 171:127, bocchi question.png)


>you open the backpack and look for the jacket. Unfortunately, you left it home

Shouldn't have taken that stupid bath and continue being a stinky loli.

Take the chance now that her guard is lowered and tell her that I just moved into the neighborhood and ask her to show me around. If she refuses then distract her and smack her in the head with the frying pan.


File: 1517813383001.png (1.27 MB, 2242x1600, 1121:800, 31.png)


Go on the offensive, grab her by the hand and kiss her until you run out of breath, then push her down on the ground and start stripping her, don't give her anytime to relax. Once your session of intense yuri sex/rape is over then have a discussion of what is going on and where you are. Also try to make her your partner so you can continue having yuri sex in the future. If she tries to resist just use force to make her your partner and have her show you around the town and explain what is happening and where you are. Also make sure to compliment her flat chest add pay special attention to it during the sex so she feels special about it.


File: 1518156563808.jpg (466.14 KB, 2301x4092, 767:1364, ignore the skirt, this is ….jpg)




"Your small breasts?"


Your emphasis on the word small is met with a grimace from the girl.

"They're cute, almost as cute as your face and your hair. In fact, you are cute."

Your sudden bombardment of 'cute', a word the girls seems to never have heard before, leaves the girl stunned in surprise.


"Come with me, cute girl, I'll prove that you are cute."

Taking advantage of the girl's confusion, you take her hand into yours and walk towards the bathroom. Her hands feel amazingly soft and delicate. You can barely hold yourself back from pushing her down in the middle of the park.

The confused girl follows you while still squirming from the new found pleasure of the word 'cute'.

Quickly opening a stall, you gently throw her inside, slamming a hand in the wall next to her waist and locking the door at your side.

The loud slam seems to wake her from her joy induced trip.

"W-what are we… w-we can't!"

You try to take a finger to her lips, but your hand stops right in front of her breasts, limited by your small stature. Your mouth still emits a calming


Your hands explore the girl's body, undressing her at times, caressing her at others. While doing so, you assail her yet again with a seemingly never ending barrage of compliments. 'Cute' still seems like the most effective, but it doesn't seems she's used to any of the others words you used to describe her or her body.

The more layers you take off, the lewder she becomes. The shirt makes way to her midriff muscles, enough to make it stand out, yet not enough to be unappealing. Beneath her professional black pants stands a thin black pantyhose, protecting her mature black panties.

She has a face that makes you want to protect her, yet her blush compels you to bully her. you can't help but want to tease her about her panties.

"Oh my. I thought you were a teacher from your clothes, but from your panties you just seem like a.. like a pervert."

"I-I am a teacher! These panties are just… I had no other panties left, I SWEAR!"

You pinch her nipples mid-sentence, making her voice jump to a surprised squeal.

The more you tease her, the more you wanted to tease her. It is an vicious cycle, an Ouroboros of bully.

"You are lying, you know you are lying. Being abused by your students doesn't make you an sex-ed teacher. You are no more than a pervert, a slut. You wore these lewd panties, walked by this dangerous park and followed me to this stall and knowing -and hoping- this would happen. You wanted to be groped by a man like me."

"Y-you're a man?"

You were paying too much attention to her body and reactions, you accidentally let your secret slip out, you try to save yourself by turning it on her.

"I-I don't know. D-do I look like a man to you?"

But it backfires.

"Y-you're too c-cute to be a man."

You focused so much on her you even forgot you were also never called cute. Your cheeks blush profusely and your mouth lets out a small yelp of surprise.


The body isn't the only thing CYOA is making long h-hopefully



Not being able to face her, you focus on getting her more flushed than you are.

You start by licking her toned abs. She doesn't say anything, but she seems more self-conscious about that then her breasts which she complains about so much.

As your tongue goes down lower and lower, you quickly get to the main course.

The only sounds the girl is letting out now are small muffled moans. She doesn't seem to be resisting you anymore, but she still doesn't want anyone else to know.

Before long her moans get faster and faster, you can feel her heart beating fast in her small chest.

You sit her down on the toilet and kiss her deeply, while your fingers work in and out.

Her legs wrap around your back and her arms wrap around your head, pulling you in a tight lewd hug.

She lets one last moan before her strength fades from her body. Her hug becomes looses, but she still doesn't want to let you go.

After kissing her for a few more minutes wrapped in her full bodied hug, she finally lets go.

You help her dress back and take her panties as a souvenir. She wants to protest, but you manage to convince her.

She insists on leaving but you manage to hold her off for a few minutes, enough for a talk on the bench.

Wherever you are, it doesn't seem to be anywhere near earth. It looks just like your home, with green trees and a single sun in the sky, yet that's where semblances end. The town is fully populated by woman of all ages, but there's not a single man around.

The town has a single public high school where the woman, Ayaka, works as a physical-ed teacher. Today was the opening ceremony, so she was in a suit, as opposed to her usual track suit.

It seems no one would mind if you just suddenly decided to attend, but it would be better to talk to the principal if you wanted to.

The town layout is simple enough, so you manage to remember the location of four important places, your house and three you asked Ayaka about: the school, the nearest UPS depot and, most important, her house.

Ayaka gets up and looks at you in the eye, instantly averting them and blushing once you look at her.

"A-anyway, I left my house early this time, but I should really be going now, the ceremony is about to start and I don't want to be late and get scolded… a-again."

-What do you do?-

Thank fucking god for auto-saving broser forms, I accidentally my computer plug at the end and I almost lost this shit.




Go with her to school. We should be small and cute enough to be accepted by the principal and students. Lets say we are Ayaka's cousin from overseas who will be staying with her for a while. Since she is a PE teacher our cover story can be teacher education via Ayaka. Naturally do not tell Ayaka about this until the principal is around so she cannot deny it. If the principal is cute she might be worth adding to our team/panty collection. Also some students could be of use.


File: 1518409654486.png (1.63 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Re zero clueless and poor.png)


Take out one my band-aids from my backpack and gift it to Ayaranaika as her new pantsu.

Since it doesn't seem like we're in a hostile environment maybe we don't need our survival backpack so much anymore. Consider adding less useful, but cuter things as my future inventory.

Let's go to the entrance ceremony and see if we can use Ayaya as leverage for enrolling in the school, though I have no clue how I intend to pay for the uniform or fees.


File: 1519012406748.png (772.59 KB, 800x1307, 800:1307, f7a685265edce42a9ac3b3545e….png)

"You're right, we have to go."

You agree with Ayaka and kneel down to search your backpack.

"Yes… W-wait, w-we?"

You open the box and take a single bandage out of your backpack.

"But first, put this on. You wouldn't want to walk around without underwear, would you? Wait, I guess you would, since you're a lewd pervert."

"I-I-I-I'll put them on! I-I'm not a pervert!!"

She takes the bandage out of your hand and runs to the bathroom with teary eyes, coming out of it with her cheeks more flushed than when she went in.

Ayaka walks you to the school. It's a bit of a walk, but still surprisingly close to your home.

She gives you directions towards the building where the ceremony will be conducted at and runs over to the teacher's lounge before it starts.

You calmly walk over while looking around the school.

By the time you arrive, the chairs are mostly occupied. You see a free one at the back, next to a gloomy girl.

The girl flinches when you sit down at her side, you try smiling at the small creature, but she looks away before you can do anything else.

Her dark jet-black bangs cover her eyes. You couldn't see her reaction properly.

Before you can do anything else, a woman steps up on the stage. The whole auditorium goes quiet instantly.

A beautiful girls walks over to the microphone and starts talking.

The girl has a creepy aura over her. She's beautiful and her long black hair isn't exactly uncommon, her flawless performance is the reason why she's up there, still, it feels stiff, like she was hiding something.

The impression she had on you appears to be different from the others. Everyone watches the stage, enamored with the girl.

Next up, comes an elegant looking lady. Her long wavy blonde hair makes her stand out from the teachers around, as do the weights in torso.

That woman is the principal.

Before long the principal's speech ends, concluding the ceremony.

It probably wasn't anything important. At least you hope it wasn't. You were too busy fantasizing about her to pay attention to her words.

You leave the auditorium along with the other students. Even if you wanted to talk with the principal then and there, you wouldn't be able to.

You head for the teachers lounge, asking the students for directions along the way. After the second student you start to think you'll enjoy being a girl, you'd probably be arrested after two days in this school otherwise.

Soon enough you reach your destination, you nonchalantly walk in and look around the room.

The teachers only reaffirms your feels for this school. Unlike the students, the teachers have a more mature beauty feel, or at least most of them do.

You walk up to Ayaka and put your plan in motion. You know how you can get into this school, and you'll start by becoming more familiar with her.

"A… Ayaya! Come on, let's go talk with the principal!"

"A-anon!? Why are you here?"

"Come on, you told me we needed to sort it out today!"

"B-but I…"

You take her by the hand and help her get up.

"Come on!"


You enter the principal's office with Ayaka and sit down in a comfortable couch. The principal serves you three a cup of tea. Her breasts seem even bigger up close.

Faced with such hospitality, you can't bring yourself to lie. You decide to tell the principal your story, the whole story.

You explain to her how harsh it was living back home while your father was ill, helping your mother work day and night for money, until, finally, he perished. When it seemed like there was nothing else you could do, your caring aunt took you in and gave you the privilege of coming to this town to study with your cousin, Ayaka.

By the end of the story, the principal is in tears. She can't help but hug you tight. While you certainly appreciate the act and the feeling, you find it a bit hard to breathe.

"Of course I accept you. How could I turn away a student such as yourself?"

"T-thanks, miss…"

"Yukinoura, Harumi Yukinoura, but you can call me Haru-sensei."


With that you've been accepted into the school. The teachers and the principal will stay in the school for another hour, but there are no classes until tomorrow.

-What do you do?-

T-this looked shorter in notepad



We never told Ayaka or Harumi our name, being called Anon is a bit awkward. Can we be named 匿八 ともえ (Tokuya Tomoe)? Make a promise to meet with Ayaka once she is done working. In the meantime go wander around the school and see who we run into. It could be good time to meet our future classmates that have not left yet.


File: 1519075970323.png (127.91 KB, 575x714, 575:714, loli soon maybe.png)


Explore the school surroundings until it's time to go home. Check if they have a library, maybe it's a plot spot regarding the mysterious note or maybe they have internet and I can shitpost after school. Also keep in mind that I'll need to see if any of the girls writing matches the mysterious note and if there's a UPS agency around.

Finally leave the most phallic looking vegetables in my backpack in the toilet seats of the bathroom to herald my arrival.



A-anon is our name though.

Should I still change it or are you okay with that?


File: 1519496931219.jpg (79.21 KB, 627x602, 627:602, tenshi 3p thumb.jpg)


I think Anon is fine. Better put the effort into the settings rather than naming.


I love lolis



I love (you)



Didn't realize that until re-reading. Its fine. Leave it as Anon.


File: 1519739996135.png (642.05 KB, 509x521, 509:521, Anon-chan.png)



You leave the principal's room along with Ayaka.

Be as it may, you can't be by her side forever. You know she needs you and can't even breath properly with you at her side, yet, you must bid her farewell.

You tell her you have stuff to do, and that you'll either be here at school or over at the nearby USP depot.

You have the day free, but you still have much do to. With that in mind, you leave Ayaka and head for the bathroom.

The bathroom has 5 stalls facing 5 sinks.

You look into your bag and find the perfect object to serve as a herald to your arrival, and you have enough to put one on each floor.

You quickly get to work, spending a couple minutes at the last floor to appreciate your hard work.

Each floor has a single bathroom, each bathroom has 4 stall doors open, all but the middle one. Behind the middle stall's door you'll find the symbol of rebirth, the omen of lewd, the harbinger of loli, a single eggplant whose purple color contrasts against the white bathroom stall, leading the eyes of any who chance to open the door straight into it's majestic form. It serves not as a warning of future evils, but as a sign of the well-being to come.

The sight of the cucumber brings a tear to your eye. You wipe the tear away and close the door, turning around. There is still more to do.

You leave the school and walk towards the USP depot.

The streets are surprisingly simple, and the directions Ayaka gave you prove to be enough to guide you there.

Just as you arrive you see a single girl leaving.

Her distinctive pink hair leaves you no doubt. She was the girl from that night, the girl who gave you your UPS package.

The girl notices you and looks you straight in the eye, giving you a big toothy grin.

Before you manage to say anything she quickly turns around and breaks into a sprint.

-What do you do?-

Original pic ID: 3951057

>tfw spent 30 minutes trying to edit freckles from various pics into the pic, only for simple low-opacity brown dots to look better



It would be too easy to chase her so lets ignore her and go into the building. There are probably more interesting things in there and maybe that girl will get bored and come back where we can ambush her. Since we are in this place, UPS has uniforms so this girl changed in the building somewhere. Lets setup a water bucket trap and hide all extra clothes.


File: 1519787631941.png (100.28 KB, 377x254, 377:254, popte your life ends in 30….png)


>The girl notices you and looks you straight in the eye, giving you a big toothy grin.

Take out the frying pan.

Game's on.


File: 1520103774817.png (6.72 MB, 3239x3908, 3239:3908, fuck it, it's as good as i….png)



You quickly throw the backpack in front of you and take the frying pan out of it in one fluid motion. Slinging the backpack to your back, you begin chase.

The girl runs fast, but occasionally slows down for a curve and looks back every once in a while.

You're not sure if she wants you to catch up to her or if she's just checking if you're still chasing her.

Eventually the girl goes right into an alley, you dash into the alley only to find a dead end.

A giant brick wall blocks the path.

You can't hear anything and it doesn't seems like the girl has jumped over it.

Just as you were thinking about it, you hear a voice coming from behind you.

"Oh my, ain't you a naughty one."

You quickly turn around, spot the girl and use the force of the spin to bring down the pan on her with the full extent of it's strength.

The strike misses and you fall down.

You try to get back up but the frying pan is too heavy. You try to drop it but your hands appear to obey you.

"Hey! That could've killed a normal girl… buuuut~"

The girl thrusts her right hand forward. In her hand is a single wooden stick.

It doesn't appear to be a normal stick, you can feel a strange energy emanating from it.

"I'm not a normal girl."

The girl throws her arms back and shoves her face forward next to yours.

"Hm… seems it's not going as well as I thought. I wonder why that is? Hm…. I wonder if it's got something to do with past regrets… maybe hormones? It could be hormones. Hm…"

The girl starts observing you like a lab rat and talking about something you can't understand. Each different though accompanied by her shoving her face even closer momentarily before going back to her already close stance.

"I guess I could try this."

The girl shakes her wand at you.

Your body starts feeling hot, you can barely pay attention to the girl. Your breathing gets more and more erratic.

She takes a small flask out of her jacket and puts it on your backpack.

"This will revert you back to normal, the new normal. That is, if you don't want to stay like this. It could be dangerous to take it while certain urges are strong, so I'd refrain from doing that. You are my first and only experiment of this kind after all."

It seems a single old friend has grown back.

You grow tired and your eyes close.

You aren't sure how much time you spent laying down on the floor, by time time you open your eyes the pink haired girl is gone. In her place is Ayaka with a worried face.

She runs to the floor next to you and raises your head.

"A-anon! Are you okay?"

She looks cuter than usual.

-What do you do?-

Blame random.org, all you had to do was not follow her.

Original pic md5: 1fb405bdc42b99fa4affd1a5d9cd2a1b


File: 1520119456479.jpg (83.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, outcast dick.jpg)


Tell Ayaka that I'm fine and I just passed out from not having breakfast.

Now that magic is confirmed it's time to hit the house library and start training my magic after school, one step a time until I can finally transform into a mahou shoujo. I've already been given the most marvelous wand of all time, my magic potential is unlimited.



Keep the flask but do not drink its contents. This girl has proven some kind of magic or amusing science exists and made some implications about our situation. For the short term lets work on daily life with Ayaka and a growing harem/school life while hiding this dick. To entertain ourselves get an eye dropper and take a drop of the flask contents to see what it does to us as well as what it does to Ayaka. For the long term, pink hair is going to be very interested in what we do with this flask. I'm sure she will be watching one way or another. There probably won't be many opportunities but I'd like to see what happens if she drinks the stuff in the flask. Preferably in a way where we drink it then kiss her so we can get rid of this dick and get pink in the harem in one move. For the immediate term, what time is it? Did Ayaka cook? Are we going to be sleeping next to her? I have a feeling Aya tries to eat convenience store everything and keeps her place messy. If so lets clean and get to cooking.

You don't have to do all of this. Take and ignore ideas as you like OP



Do most of this except for kissing Aya. As the mystery girl hinted it may have dangerous effects. Until we can get more out of her I think we should avoid anything too risky.


File: 1526987061941.png (625.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smshot_00094.png)

Is writer anon coming back?

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