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File: 1547938088901.jpg (331.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hanayo faces.jpg)

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Coming back to stream to honor this lovely lady's birthday. It's going to be all idols all the time, the way she would want it as a fellow idol otaku. I'll also throw in whatever fun things I think up, of course. I don't plan playlists out anymore. Let's have fun.


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I'm being sarcastic, I'll probably be up for another six-seven hours teaching english and playing with gun stuff before a nap then some running around innawoods.


I find 2D girls pretty attractive. I know this might sound shocking, but I just felt like being honest right now.


File: 1547973513944.jpg (232.93 KB, 819x1175, 819:1175, 85c89bd35fa493afa323ee241f….jpg)


I don't really find them attractive outside of specific instances, but I don't find 3D to be attractive either. I think my sex drive is whittling away to nothing as my stress levels increase.



2D girls are more attractive by far than the alternative. Especially their faces. After watching so much anime, the faces of people on the street become wrong somehow. Only bodily functions and the most ugly bodies truly repulse me. I can still appreciate some aspects of the 3D form in statues at least.



Statues were the first waifu after all.



File: 1547974148588-0.jpg (41.72 KB, 450x592, 225:296, The_Heart_Desires,_Pygmali….jpg)

File: 1547974148588-1.jpg (31.51 KB, 450x597, 150:199, The_Hand_Refrains,_Pygmali….jpg)

File: 1547974148588-2.jpg (40.92 KB, 450x583, 450:583, The_Godhead_Fires,_Pygmali….jpg)

File: 1547974148588-3.jpg (39.7 KB, 450x581, 450:581, The_Soul_Attains,_Pygmalio….jpg)


File: 1547974470226.jpg (92.24 KB, 960x720, 4:3, the_platonic_form_of_beaut….jpg)


I'm not sure if I would completely agree with this. In some ways 2D is an imitation of real life but in other ways it follows the artist's ideas or ideals, falling into the second category of the concept of beauty.


The truth is out there.



That it is, anon.



Is it worth discovering though?



The charisma of truth is enough to justify the pursuit of it.



Agreed, but my point was that we are biologically wired to find certain characteristics attractive, which means that we find certain parts of the body attractive. This doesn't mean that there isn't a lot more to sexuality than what we are wired to find attractive, but just that there are some of it that's grounded through the hardware of our brain.



I think I see what you mean now. For example, my attraction to 2D butts is caused by my instinctual attraction to butts. The 2D butts attract me because they replicate, in some sense at least, what my body desires.


File: 1547976270068.jpg (318.69 KB, 1760x690, 176:69, 1530422028074.jpg)

Bernis makes the best ebin benis songs.



>this song

Its the song that played in my head as I took the train back to the airport. God damn do I feel sad. I need to dump my japan photos one day.



Simply said. You're attracted to the butt because of instincts, but your attraction to the person is caused by other cues. Millions of years of evolutions has instinctually taught how a butt looks like and why you should find it attractive, but your brain can find other characteristics in that person that you find attractive, much of which is because of because of other factors in your biology, which are much harder to explain than why butts or tits are attractive.



I need to post the rest of my videos someday soon too. This song played in my head on basically every train ride back towards the airport.



There's a thread on /a/ waiting for you, anon.



I'll wait til the next one pops up.


I didn't take much video, though there is video of me being a dumb fuck doing dumb fuck things there though like speaking engrish to other english speakers.



>there is video of me being a dumb fuck doing dumb fuck things there though like speaking engrish to other english speakers.

I can't speak much since I pretended I was Russian to every non-Japanese who tried to start a conversation with me.



Once had someone fall asleep on my shoulder during a long train ride. I remember the comfortable weight. The implicit trust. Soft breathing. Lots changed, but occasionally mass transit rides remind me about that moment. So does certain music.



I think the best was when some dumb broad was feeding the deer on Miyajima and I berated her with my best nip. I just like fucking with other foreigners much to the amusement of the passing by nips and those who were with me. I get told to try out for a batsu gameshow often.


File: 1547976936478.png (71.21 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 1412475677404.png)

Well this brings us to the end of the post-stream. Yellow blue bus, anons. I'll hopefully see you in February.






Oh right, we'll have just a little bells at the end and a short silence for anons to log off the stream server.



I wasn't even following. But goodnight, anon. See you in February. I like being empathetic at least a couple a times a month.



Good stream, though I wasn't there for the whole thing. Good choice of ending song too, fuck I really loved this show. Good night, all anons with prayers and hopes!






Thanks for the stream Torpy. Hope to see you in Feb. Best of luck with the job hunt. Sweet dreams and sleep smugly anons. Dream of your waifus.


Holy shit I hate people who commit crimes.



Where did that come from?


File: 1547977777301.jpg (186.2 KB, 830x1027, 830:1027, 1371701707223.jpg)


File: 1548037838996.jpg (238.61 KB, 551x750, 551:750, 1bac9e2877ce1f3c3a9ca1b536….jpg)

Hey all!

Welcome back to the lounge! Glad you could make it on this unusually timed night. Sorry for being so late.

Tonight's a short night, just under 4 hours. So the playlist is simple to match. We got two Jazz albums, Clockwork which has a bunch of artists, and Jazz Funk Live! by thj.quartet. Then we get a nationalism block first time in a while with a large Rhodesia feature. Following that we move into our hiphop block, featuring Nujabes, Marcus D and others. Haruka Nakamura transitions us from hip-hip into our piano outro and then we end.

So grab a drink, find a seat and tune in at https://smuglo.li/stream.m3u



Comfy time is here again. How're things, smithee?



Pretty swell. I'm sore all over from going out snowmobiling in -40 and it feels good.



Sounds like fun!



How about you anon, how have things been in your corner of the world?



Had to change a tire today, but I can't complain too much. I have tea and the eclipse will be in a little.



Hopefully you have a better view than I do anon. It's overcast here.



A thin film of clouds prevents a clearer view, but it's not too bad.


Technical problems, please hold.


And we should be back. Thank you for holding.



Didn't even know there was going to be an eclipse today, thanks for the heads up.



Glad to have been of service. I hope you’ve got a clear view and time to enjoy it, anon. The darkness is wonderful.



I enjoy the scarlet color of lunar eclipses the most. Though it is quite cold to stay out for too long. The total eclipse has ended here but I'm going to keep watching for a little while longer.



Clouds have made it almost impossible to glimpse any of the moon. But I’m warm from tea and occasionally think I’m seeing hints of scarlet. I might try and last until the moon returns to full brightness.


File: 1548051456091.png (520.75 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1509235553475-3.png)

Here we are, ending once again. But just for tonight.

Thank you for listening anon. I hope to see you again next week.


File: 1548051583655.jpg (153.61 KB, 1000x966, 500:483, Rumia.full.258278.jpg)


Thanks for the stream smithee. Hope that your week goes well. Same for all other anons. Until next time.



Thanks for the stream smithee. I hope everyone got a chance to see the eclipse if they could. See you next week.

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