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File: 1554073239112.jpg (196.22 KB, 1311x1311, 1:1, f1d930e597f193dc6f2d34e577….jpg)

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Hey all!

Welcome back, I hope this past week has seen you in good health. Tonight we have ready some pop tunes to start us off with, some jazz tunes to warm us up, and special order of Joe Hisashi to really settle us in. That'll take us halfway through our listing for tonight, bringing us to Key's music and a mixed block of guitars, pianos and the like to take us through the second half of the night.

We'll be going for about 5 and a half hours tonight so grab yourself a seat, kick back, and tune in to https://smuglo.li/stream.m3u

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File: 1554088073558.png (453.1 KB, 833x550, 833:550, 1460164393217.png)


Think of your deep dark fantasies and there might be a VN for you. We can help.


Some examples for me: Lain was perfect when I was deeply depressed and confused, Mushishi was great when I was recovering from deep 24h pain, LOTGH when I was feeling leaderlike/political/revolutionary/reflecting on history and people/chuuni, Card Captor Sakura just entered in my life in the perfect

time and I don't know which kinda mood I was but it was perfect.


Don't think so, almost all otaku stuff is made by older otaku, and in japan, fantasizing about your school days is way stronger than in the west, because life tend to suck way more in japan past school than in the west soon to be as bad or worse for us. So it's more of a fantasy for older man with their mindset and skill of now thinking how much better it could be if he was in the body of a teenager with current mind. Of course there's many different ways that apply and not all school stuff is necessarily self insert fantasy but that's a big reason for it.



Start with Saya no Uta or Planetarian Or if are into memes one of tanks or DDLC or even the BKA bait.



>already +25

>I got a lot fun for playing key games for the first time



>desires, such as wanting a pure partner, wanting to experience firsts with someone


>I have such a strong pull to that experience which I never had.

We really are cursed by these desires for things beyond what the real world can provide for us.



Why would you avoid the VN's if it's something you never had. I like to imagine it's filling in for all the experiences I was never able to get, like finding someone you love and being with someone you really want to be with, or having any sort of really deep bond from a non familial person.


File: 1554088550417.jpg (172.67 KB, 850x1228, 425:614, f762b22d5ac3228880d8e98397….jpg)


>wanting a pure partner, wanting to experience firsts with someone, wanting to start a new life with a person close to you

Why do we crave it so? Is it that the soul is trapped alone in the corporeal form, and wants to return to its home somewhere with all the others?


File: 1554088792794.png (265.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, __yusa_kozue_idolmaster_ci….png)


If there was one in particular I really felt drawn to, I would. But since there isn't, and it's just the vague longing, I think if I picked one, even if I enjoyed it, it wouldn't be special. It'd be like I was just hungry and wanted to eat, and then what I feel the hunger again? Do I keep having substitute romances? Isn't that unfair to all those VN girls that thought they had some precious connection with me?


File: 1554088919160.jpg (32.62 KB, 617x462, 617:462, 1537675008827.jpg)


I don't have many deep dark fantasies but I do like realistic sad stories with bittersweet endings.



I am not the other anon, but I my specific case i feel more like a friend and even in some cases as a father observing the romance of the MC and the girls. I don't feel as the protagonist. I am there to help to everything end well.



>Why do we crave it so?

I wish I had the answer to this. Given that all 3DPDs are like that, wouldn't it have been a huge disadvantage for your genes if your ancestors had desires impossible to satisfy as opposed to a simple desire to impregnate 3Ds with emotional longing not coming into it? So, if the desire for idealised, 2D girls continues to exist in men, maybe it gets satisfied in real life after all, but only if we look elsewhere. As a result of this line of thinking, I suspect that the idealised women we find in anime are more like daughters than wives. (And this anon >>460726 posted just that as I was typing up this post.)



Not that other anon, but here's how I see it. A variety of perspectives on the subject of love helps you become better at expressing and understanding love. It can be about things other than appetite.


File: 1554089322918.gif (1021.97 KB, 500x355, 100:71, 1470957519918-2.gif)


3DPD explanation: Instincts and procreation.

Religious explanation: God made it so.

One esoteric explanation: We are incomplete and limited, there's a void inside everyone and we crave to be complete. Two incomplete pieces might result in limitless potential.


For me sometimes VN friends can be as powerful as the romance girls.



Maybe it's just because I had a pretty fulfilling high school life, but I enjoyed them far more in high school and my freshman/sophomore year of Uni, and they lost basically all appeal after that outside of certain eros. It's hard to describe.


File: 1554089377987.jpg (656.23 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, 7de1be0022024995f0ba921164….jpg)


I feel as though that you aren't really just using them and then going off, unless you're just there for the sex scenes, like how playing an eroge is. You are still forming a connection with the girls, and giving your time and energy to them, it's more like experiencing a different path in life each time you play a new route or a new VN. You are forming a memory with them that is individual to each one, such as you would had you a real girlfriend. It's like living a different life with each girl, at least that's how it is in my eyes.





These are all nice thoughts. I particularly like the idea of it as a learning experience. Thanks. Maybe I'll try one after all.


File: 1554089722171.jpg (54.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Sora.jpg)


Incest. But yeah, that's the VN experience well explained.



>For me sometimes VN friends can be as powerful as the romance girls.

I never had a romance in real life and I am not Japanese to know how people had dates there, but for me most of case their romance in VNs I had played looks more than a friends falling in love than normal romance as happen in most of animes.

In some cases the romance looks unnatural and sex look coming from nowhere.



You should take that other anon's explanation and try playing Planetarian, it's a very nice, short Visual Novel. There's also a short OVA to go along with it I believe.


I wish I could immerse myself into a virtual reality where my past memories of real life get temporarily hidden and I experience, from scratch, growing up with a childhood best friend who becomes my wife.



There was a full televised series, not just an OVA.


File: 1554090199862.png (1.04 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, fe72b10e328e73719366fcd772….png)


I never had a date or touched a 3DPD woman. I feel like the japanese idea of romance is pretty much my idea since I was a kid. Young close friends falling in love is probably the most natural, organic, beautiful, perfect way of falling in love there is. That's how I think the world was when I was a kid. And I think most people feel like that, that's a reason for so many people falling for the friendzone thing as teenagers and even adults.


File: 1554090437589.jpg (79.46 KB, 850x450, 17:9, __drawn_by_aoha_twintail__….jpg)


I've shared the same fate as you. I think it's one of the reasons I care so much more about things such as anime, manga, and Visual manga's more than I do things such as Video games and movies or those sorts of things. You don't get very many video games about falling in love with someone close to you that lets you live through it. The idea is the sort of perfected ideal, which you only really hear about in stories in real life, something you very rarely watch unfold.


File: 1554090909447.gif (1.06 MB, 500x711, 500:711, UWBI90D.gif)


>secret base

Time for feelings.


>Young close friends falling in love is probably the most natural, organic, beautiful, perfect way of falling in love there is.

I wish some authors could think in that way.


>/a/ sings version

I know I shouldn't but I love this version.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a version my ex-nip friend sent to me one day.


>/a/ sings

So that's what you all sound like.

There's a lot of things I don't know about /a/ streams.


File: 1554091316687.jpg (130.27 KB, 672x453, 224:151, Hey Joe.jpg)



This is a 4chan version from a long time ago.



Unfortunately, the only /a/ I know is 8/a/ from 2017 onwards.


File: 1554091614362.png (156.15 KB, 754x693, 754:693, Remi3.png)


>Young close friends falling in love is probably the most natural, organic, beautiful, perfect way of falling in love there is

It's because modern life is so chaotic. Meeting someone new in your adult years means you could have very different experiences, beliefs, tastes, and desires. Childhood is a spiritual period in the life of humans, and making bonds in that time means a level of intimacy that can't even be explained. The intimacy we could try to create as adults can never measure up to it, so there's constant pressure and insecurity to try and make the romance seem more than just some dumb coincidence. Thus we long for the safety of having had our fates determined as kids.



I was going to remind you to lurk 2 years but holy shit 2017 was 2 years ago already.


File: 1554091851287-0.jpg (208.33 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 67090869_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1554091851287-1.jpg (246.18 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 66780926_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1554091851287-2.jpg (178.35 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 66590064_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1554091851287-3.jpg (184.86 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 64611102_p0_master1200.jpg)



Well, thing will get better soon so you will not lose nothing so important.



I didn't start attending streams immediately as I started lurking /a/, so there's still time if you want to say such things anon.


File: 1554092196524.jpg (446.25 KB, 591x1063, 591:1063, 8b1353241a21b255f1065ca5ec….jpg)

And here's the last song for tonight.

There will be an ambient track after this for ~9 minutes to play us out and give you time to disconnect.

I hope you've enjoyed. Thank you for listening and I'll see you next week.


File: 1554092302540-0.png (14.84 KB, 400x500, 4:5, a61cf0084cd505c6b8ad3cc13d….png)

File: 1554092302540-1.png (13.36 KB, 400x500, 4:5, ac7b75b1252e868458812e755f….png)


>Childhood is a spiritual period in the life of humans, and making bonds in that time means a level of intimacy that can't even be explained.

This post is very well put.


File: 1554092319982-0.gif (257.1 KB, 534x329, 534:329, __kajiwara_sora_sketchbook….gif)

File: 1554092319982-1.jpg (72.9 KB, 500x650, 10:13, __kajiwara_sora_sketchbook….jpg)

File: 1554092319982-2.jpg (73.05 KB, 850x478, 425:239, __aria_pokoteng_and_kajiwa….jpg)

File: 1554092319982-3.jpg (137.93 KB, 850x557, 850:557, __asou_natsumi_buchi_kajiw….jpg)

File: 1554092319982-4.jpg (36.4 KB, 800x533, 800:533, __asou_natsumi_kajiwara_so….jpg)


File: 1554092344699-0.jpg (30.62 KB, 620x437, 620:437, __asou_natsumi_himuro_fuu_….jpg)

File: 1554092344699-1.jpg (296.02 KB, 602x850, 301:425, __asou_natsumi_kajiwara_so….jpg)

File: 1554092344699-2.jpg (97.64 KB, 850x594, 425:297, __asou_natsumi_kajiwara_so….jpg)

File: 1554092344699-3.jpg (92.25 KB, 850x601, 850:601, __asou_natsumi_kajiwara_so….jpg)



Thanks for the stream smithee. Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone.



Thanks for the stream smithee! Have a good week everyone.


File: 1554092416681.png (618.42 KB, 850x604, 425:302, sample_d8167fcdc469e2734d4….png)


Was really comfy stream. The Key block and everything after that was really good. Good night and thank you for the stream.

Stay safe and stay cute, anons.



Thanks for everything my friend, have a good night and stay safe.


where's Sorafag? no really where is he? ;_;



Thanks for the stream, smithee



Maybe life just happened. If I had a job, I would be sleeping this hour.



I'm all well, just don't post very much in the S/a/turday Streams.



Thanks for the Hadfield songs. Although he is my countryman, I wasn't actually aware he did his own songs so that was pretty neat. I hope you have a comfy week.


This is the true end. Thanks again for listen, sleep snug.


The true end is when the bot suddenly puts up a Demetori song.



Ain't that the truth.

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